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The Producer First Impression

I like many others is lured to this drama by the casting.

However, I barely survived the first two episodes.

1) Perhaps if I have understand Korean I might be able to catch the “jokes” better

2) For a moment I thought I there was tremor or I suffered slight headache wight he camera footwork (super shaky) during the scene when the actor and and actress playing the PD roles are having a drink in their home.

3) If it’s about introduction of the characters in these episodes , felt it is leaned towards Hyo Jin character more than any other characters. Yes, I like her in Master Sun, but if there are four leads, at least give enough camera time to each. Felt IU role and scenes are so little in these 2 episodes.

4) Pace is painfully slow. Nearly felt asleep watching past the half way mark.

Will I still watch it? Depends on how the story unfolds. Not much mystery anyway. Didn’t even have any expectation for the storyline. Seriously, overseas companies shouldn’t be so quick to buy the board cast rights. Maybe the Koreans can relate to the story better, since it’s about their local entertainment industry. Overseas viewers like us might felt a bit lost at some of those PD names, or show titles mentioned in this drama.



Recently started watching this variety survival kpop contest.

These bunch of kids/teens are really young. I like the assignments given to them, it’s like interview questions.

Mission 1: Are you a star?  ( similar to interview question: Do you have the qualities for this job?)

Upon seeing their individual performance, the deepest first impression will be from 1) Sana, 2) Dahyun, 4) Jungyeon 3) Natty(privilege of being the last contestant on stage).

Quite agree with JYP’s decision to promote those to MAJOR after the first mission, except for Chaeyoung. It’s seemed JYP is helping her by giving a reason why she dances the cover of all other girls group rather than she explaining it herself. It’s like she is kind of clueless. Sheer luck I felt. In fact, on her performance, I think she should do better by showcasing her own personality into the dance cover, not simply micmicking the dances of other girls group (kind of lack sincerity just copying, and definitely felt she choose an easier job compared to the rest of the girls).

Felt Momo and TzuYu would do better if placed in a group. They exudes the same style to me, plus really look about the same age in terms of appearance. Mina also seemed to fit into this group better.


Putting performance aside, if you are looking for idol (eye candy), I think the following people seemed more distinguish/stand out.

1) Somi, 2) Dahyun, 3) Nayeon, 4) Jihyo, 5) Jungyeon.

Some criticism has been online regarding Nayeon, saying she is arrogant, overconfident etc. She got that ex SNSD, Jessica Jung vibe. However, I think it’s necessary to feel good about her own capability. After all, this is the celebrity job, they must first have enough faith in themselves, which though Somi sometimes seemed to lack, except for when she is doing photoshoot (Perhaps if she cannot debut, Somi might try modelling instead, she seemed to have a flair for it). Her appearance also reminds me of Emily from Chinese Idol Season 2. They lookalike, but Emily is more bubbly.


Jihyo has also been criticised for size, esp during the photoshoot, and I haven’t find her voice very mesmerising either but at least I don’t have a problem recognising her face. She fits into 15& group. The problem with the K-entertainment industry, they got artiste who look so alike. I remembered when I watched Dream High, I though Suzy is IU. Heard of IU’s song first before I even know Suzy and Miss A.


Jungyeon I guessed her shorter hairstyle does help in face recognition. While her performance on Saxophone isn’t that impressive at least it makes the impact, something different (unlike just dance and sing). While somebody did sing her own composed song, which is Minyoung I think, but really, after watching the whole batch of performance, you would easily have forgotten this composed, demure girl.


Natty might not be the “cute” little girl you expect. Kind of felt she is acting a little to cover her ambitious, trying to emphasis her young age to gain more supporters. For once, I can see she enjoyed the stage, but when she pluck the sixteen necklace off, it seemed that it is plain inconsiderate/a little rude. She can do it more gently like what others did. Probably lack of experience for her age to handle such stuff.


For those I never mentioned the names, it’s either 1) they doesn’t stand out, 2) I can’t recognise their faces or both.


Overall, I think it might be more interesting than the YG Winner reality show.

School’s IN!

Looking at those Kdrama kids growing up and now sort of becoming their own leads really remind me how old I’ve became. It seemed that this season is School theme.

Before that, kid no, manly Yoo Seung Ho is gonna be returning on screen! Still can remember his “Missing You” drama with Yoon Eun Hye. A role well done before he enlisted in the military. Kind of looking forward to his drama.

Moving on to other kids, there’s Angry Mom, Kim Yoo Jung, (she still look cuter as a kid in hanbok, personal preference of mine) but not too bad as a teenager. Ended up falling for the “Gong Ju” actress in the drama than the kids or Kim Hee Sun. Living her dream indeed “Gong Ju nim~”.

Another kid actress is Kim Yoo Jung’s counterpart in Moon Embrance the Sun, Kim So Hyun, now starring in School 2015. I like how School 2015 is thus far, and I gotta say, So Hyun’s legs are really slim and long (or is their skirt too short???) I didn’t like her in Moon Embrace the Son, cause she doesn’t have the cute features, find her acceptable in “Missing You”, but definitely much improvement in School 2015. Wonder is it because of the pressure as lead actress? Plus, the uniform looks good.

Upcoming will be a vampire school story (Orange Marmalade) from Yeo Jin Goo (another kid turn adult actor). These 3 kids are often seen on screen together. I’m gonna watch the first two episodes first before I decide whether to continue watching further. Have just finished “Blood” by Ku Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee, Ahn Jae Hyeon. I cannot stand Ku’s dressing and hairstyle in this drama, but I love the make up of the vampire face. Ji Jin Hee totally pulled of the bad guy role.

Not to forget a not too recent school series by Kim Sae Ron, High School, Love On! Angel turn human high school girl plot. Her acting is as usual, but felt somewhat pulled down by the plot. Maybe she can consider her drama roles better next time. 

If there’s a drama that pulls all these kids turn actors and actresses together it will be great chemistry plus pitting of their accumulated acting skills, hopefully a healthy one.

mid review of current dramas

Scarlet heart 2:  ending

1 more episode left but I doubt it would change my rating. Simply said, this drama just leeched the success of Scarlet heart 1. The story isn’t comparable to 1, which is no wonder since they aren’t written by the same person. I was hoping for more mysterious and detailed background of Lan Lan, but then it’s like what’s shown in the trailer (THAT’s ALL). Disappointing series, ad I pity the cast (like so many rainy shots, crying scene, but seriously aren’t necessary after all, they don’t even value add to the show much).


Perfect Couple: ending

Initially I thought it was funny, then, I find I slowly couldn’t tolerate the characters anymore. Typical plot that you can imagine what happened next without much difficulty, not much surprises. And the element of humour went missing as the story proceeds.


Only If I love you: Ongoing

The only reason I’m watching is Li Qin, because I’ve seen her previous work (personally I felt she chose quite good dramas to be on). So far, the idol element (fairytale like romance) is guaranteed. Ignoring this, I’m more interested in the background where the shots were made, the clothing the characters dressed , comes naturally and blend together. There isn’t one character that I particularly dislike yet, so seemed neutral to me. It everything goes well, this drama might even be better than the above 2.


Dr Stranger: Ongoing

LOVE IT. Even the blood looks real (which definitely chinese dramas ought to learn more from, all the computerised graphic effects and details). though some compared it to Kings2heart, but I definitely felt the storyline is better than Kings2heart.

Triangle: Ongoing

I’m totally lost in episode 1, not sure whether to continue watching. Might be in KIV list.


After a long wait of like 3 years, Scarlet Heart 2 finally aired. BUT, I am not as excited after watching the first few episodes. Ok, sure, there’s a good cast but the plot seemed so screwed! Not logical to the emotions the characters should be feeling. The only part that hooked me was to find out the background of the supermodel, Lan lan like how she and Zhang Xiao (played by Liu Shi Shi as well) got separated, and what exactly did Lan Lan underwent in life, what’s her motive? The rest of the plot is simply trying to link/unlink Scarlet 1 and 2 together ( which I must say is terrible), eg. Got electrocuted  and lost memory of what happened in Scarlet 1, or she merely is a drama addict (like me) of Scarlet 1? Which do you want us (drama viewers to believe, scriptwriter? Please don’t confuse us…)

I would in fact opt to watch Perfect Couple by Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan) and Wallace Huo. A comedy romance. It’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be, there’s actually some thoughts in the storyline.

Then, there’s another period drama, Gong 3 (Gong Suo Lian Cheng). Initially it seemed okay, it’s a drama that I watched to keep myself occupied while waiting fervently for Scarlet Heart 2. But the recent episodes, the editing seemed haywire, the link from episode to episode seemed to have been cut away.

For Taiwan drama, I’m surprised I’m actually watching Fall in Love With me by Aaron Yan and one of the girls from DREAM GIRLS( yes, it’s a Taiwan girl group). Thus far, it seemed quite well paced. Another Taiwan drama I’m watching is First Kiss. I’m actually amused why the English title of these 2 dramas differ from the Chinese Title. If you asked me which I preferred, the former.


Kdrama, 14 days God’s Gift. It has finished airing and is definitely worthy of your time. I’m satisfied with the ending, you can guess it whatever you like a little hint is the ending felt a little like INCEPTION (the movie).

I’m contemplating whether to watch Kdrama, Hotel King/Angel’s eye. Any suggestion?

What’s happening?

I actually gotta retype this, cause while I was about done, the Explorer crashed! ARGH! My flow of words disrupted.


Okay so I shall go straight to the point.

K drama currently watching, God’s Gift 14 days, Empress Ki, Emergency Couple. The order to watch is A MUST for the God’s Gift, Empress Ki (only if you like historical drama, it’s a bit long, and after the badass old man die, the attraction of this drama kinda dies down a bit for me). Emergency Couple is lukewarm, not your typical high end cast (but there’s Song Ji Hyo), if I can watched that ceramic drama starring Kwang Soo, I can survive this, though I didn’t really like Ji Hyo’s Mandate of Heaven. Similar to Emergency Couple is SLY AND SINGLE AGAIN, also currently airing. But if you ask me to choose, I would go for Emergency Couple.

Other K-drama: MAN FROM THE STARS. One word, HOT! Alien and top actress love story in short, but the conversation in the drama is so damn hilarious.

Past K-drama(last year): Personally felt THE HEIRS is a little overrated. Perhaps credit to the cast but really, I cannot appreciate the plot. MASTER SUN is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This drama is a light hearted ghost encounter, romantic story.

And I am recommending,

VARIETY SHOW: I AM A SINGER season 2 (China edition). The older singers are simply great, and as expected. But the younger generation are what to look out for – Zhang Jie (Jason), Shila ( A Malay lady singing Mandarin songs, her efforts and foresight you must credit her for it. She has powerful vocals.), and G.E.M ( a HongKong singer). Among these 3, G.E.M is my bias. Well, simply because she is talented, got vocals, skills and looks, plus she is so young and can perform to this standard is like WOW. I’m really looking forward to what she will sing in the finals. She reminded me of Taylor Swift. So if G.E.M sings Swift’s song, you can be guaranteed I will glue myself to the couch. It would be interesting how a guitar arrangement song (Swift) can be transformed in the hands of G.E.M to make it G.E.M’s own distinctive song, I like her arrangement (or rather Lupo’s) for Jay Chou’s song and some others. I wasn’t following the show from the start and I don’t know who is G.E.M before the show. It happened that one of her competition song is the most viewed in my country, and I thought that title of the song is one that I knew of, out of curiosity I went to check it out. Only to find out that the song she sang is in Cantonese, which I don’t even understand! But somehow, I find it pleasing to my ears. From then on, this lady is in my radar. HA.



2013 drama

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t know what to watch?

Fret not! The ratings are out (Top of the page). =)

NEW dramas

Recently, I’ve found that the time travel phenomenon has moved to Korea(from Cdrama). Kdramas with time travellers, mainly male protagonist. 2 kdramas with time travellers, (1) Queen In Hyun’s Man & (2) Dr Jin.

I’m pretty impress by these 2 dramas, especially Dr Jin. When Dr Jin wasn’t aired yet,  Queen got my fullest attention. But Dr Jin’s plot, and perhaps a little gory scenes (operation cuts) surpassed Queen when comparing these 2 dramas of similar genres. Not to mention that the cast of Dr Jin, Park Min Young(Sungkyunkwan Scandal & City Hunter) and Song Seung Hun(Autumn Tale & Summer Scent) are definitely well known eye candies.

For those who can’t get enough of body switching, that of Secret Garden, consider BIG (yes this is a drama title).

Lack Laughter? Try A Gentlemen Dignity, which I half suspected the targeted audience is later teens/young adults.

Tdrama is still pretty much lacking in plot, but maybe one will like Alice in Wondercity, slightly similar to Beethoven Virus (kdrama).

Cdrama post production takes some time before the drama is finally aired. So meanwhile, wait patiently.

King 2 Hearts

I guess what makes this drama funny is the SNSD portions. It is definitely leveraging on SNSD. ‘Cameo’ Appearance. And I wonder how long will SNSD stick into this drama. Thus far, ep 2,3,4 featured them somehow. Will this lead to actual cameo appearance by SNSD? U get to listen and watch SNSD MV in this drama. Definitely customized for SONEs.



Been a while, and yes, 2012 is another year full of dramas. Brand new start, new expectations, which are those that is worthy to watch?

Instead of doing episodes summary/drama information, there’s a new change. I’m adopting the traffic light system.

Disappointing dramas , you shouldn’t watch at all, are in red titles.

All other titles in blue. 

Ongoing in green title, approval that yes, you should/could watch now.

Upcoming drama is in yellow.