Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Romance

Episodes: 20

Synopsis: click here


  • Lee Byung Hun as Kim Hyun Joon
  • Kim Tae Hee as Choi Seung Hee
  • Jung Joon Ho as Jin Sa Woo
  • Kim Seung Woo as Park Chul Young
  • Kim So Yeon as Kim Sun Hwa
  • T.O.P as Vick
  • Comments:

    Long awaited drama of Kim Tae Hee since her last work Love in Harvard. As well as Lee Byung Hun. Interesting plot enough and yes, can easily see that it is a blockbuster, given the number of overseas shots in like half of the drama. And of course the charisma of Lee Byung Hun, ever convincing acting. B-E-S-T. Another actor to look out for is Kim So Yeon. She really plays her role well. If action is the genre you normally likes, you’ll like this very much…full of actions in fact. Not to forget some sweet moments between LBH’s role and KTH’s role. Though the ending of this drama kind of disappoints me abit. Nevermind, there’s upcoming ATHENA, which is supposed to be somehow related to this drama, before IRIS season 2 is out. Take note for these news if you enjoyed this drama.

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