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Style: 2.5/5

Genre: Romance, Comedy(at front parts)

Episodes: 16


  • Ryu Shi Won as Seo Woo Jin
  • Lee Ji Ah as Lee Seo Jung
  • Kim Hye Soo as Park Ki Ja
  • Lee Yong Woo as Kim Min Joon
  • Comments:

    Like the name suggested, one would expect to really see alot of different attires, and everything else related to the word FASHION. Pretty disppointing at times, and as the drama proceeds. I’ve got the feeling that after Lee Ji Ah’s first work, The Legend, I would expect her performance to go up, not that her acting isn’t good, but rather I kind of find she doesn’t suit this role, especially in this drama. I still prefer her role in The Legend much more. Really talking about acting alone, I personally think that Kim Hye Soo did a decent job. She really is the best actor among the main cast.

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    Ja Myung Go: 3/5


    Official Poster:

    Genre: historical, romance

    Episodes: 39


  • Jung Ryu Won as Princess Ja Myung
    • Lee Young Yoo as Ja Myung / Pu Ku (child)
  • Park Min Young as Princess Ra Hee
    • Jin Ji Hee as Ra Hee (child)
  • Jung Kyung Ho as Prince Hodong
    • Kang Soo Han as Hodong (child)
    • Yeo Jin Goo as Hodong (adolescent)
  • Moon Sung Geun as King Daemusin
  • Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Ha So (Ja Myung’s mother)
  • Hong Yo Seob as Chae Ri (Ja Myung & Ra Hee’s father)
  • Lee Mi Sook as Wang Ja Shi / Lady Hae (Ra Hee’s mother)
  • Comments:

    Abandoned child, finding way back to palace? Familiar? Go for Queen Seon Deok instead,  or maybe the classic Jewel in the Palace. No doubt both are long series. The child actors are quite cute, (the reason why I enjoyed the dramain the beginning, especially the parts where Kang Soo Han acting as prince Hodong ) paving way to how the story develops. Evil step mother, all too common. Sad ending is what I dislike for this drama. Like all other dramas where practically everyone just died. Of course I can accept this if it’s a horror film, but not this drama. Of course the clothes are nice, a little animation here and there to make up for the shortfalls. I do like Kim Sung Ryung’s role as a mother. She simply has the very nice mother look in here which differs from her role in You’re Beautiful.

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