Swallow the Sun


Genre: action, mystery, romance

Episodes: 25

Synopsis: click here


  • Ji Sung as Kim Jung Woo
    • Yeo Jin Goo as Kim Jung Woo (child)
  • Sung Yu Ri as Lee Soo Hyun
    • Lee Young Yoo as Lee Soo Hyun (child)
  • So Yi Hyun as Yoo Mi Ran
  • Lee Wan as Jang Tae Hyuk


    Ambitious title isn’t it? But I guess the sun here refers to Father. Since, in the end, the father died. It’s interesting to see how the story unfolds, especially how Ji Sung knows who is his father. Yes, another drama of a child finding his/her parents. As for Lee Wan/Lee Won, seems like he has matured a bit in his acting.  Handsome and beautiful main cast(younger ones), and old actors whose acting are simply EXPERIENCED(esp. Jun Kwang Ryul), really brings you into the drama.

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