Bad Guy


Episodes: 17

Genre: Thriller, Action, Meleodrama


  • Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook ,Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child)
  • Han Ga In as Moon Jae In
  • Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung ,Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child)
  • Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra , Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen)
  • Jung So Min as Hong Mo Nae
  • Synopsis:

    Shim Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) plots revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) is the heir.

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    I’m looking forward to this since Kin Nam Gil last work on Queen Seon Deok. And my favourite child actor Kang Soo Han. Wonder if he has grown much taller? Yes indeed.

    Ep1: So much coincidences. Kim’s character seemed to appear out of nowhere and everywhere. He happens to know and recognize the family that abandons him and even the family friends? So mysterious.

    ep2: Mo Nae is falling for Gun Wook so is her sister. Gun Wook seemed to be able to see through people’s personality huh? Doing things to aggravate Mo Nae’s sister. What’s really in his mind? And OMG! He keeps news and pictures of Mo Nae’s family. Psychotic.

    Ep3: Hong Tae Sung is getting into hot soup. But Kim’s character seemed to be involved in it one way or another. And Jae In being super nice to Kim(mistaken identity that he’s Hong Tae Sung). What’s this girl’s motive then? To get a rich husband? Or there’s more to meet the eyes.

    Ep4: AHA! Jae In knows the truth now. What a fool she has been. SUrprise surprise. Mo Nae’s Dad recruiting Gun wook to help Hong tae Sung. And what Gun Wook did, in the sea…is it to kill Hong tae Sung?!

    ep5: So Gun Wook didn’t kill him. And get Hong’s errands done splendidly. But Hong seemed to suspect that Gun Wook is the one who made him drowned. Really hard to fathom Gun Wook.

    Ep6: TaeSung sees her ex girlfriend in Jae In…hmm I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants her. Gun Wook wants to let Jae In develops a relationship with TaeSung but he himself is also jealous/envious. Somehow I can understand why he did this. First he wanted to grant Jae In’s wish, (remember the coffee incident between Jae In and Gun Wook), second he’s going to revenge against Mo Nae’s family, couldn’t risk having another girl dead? Gun Wook should really do a clean job in taking revenge man, couldn’t rosk getting caught, especially the paper crane he left behind on the crime scene. Somehow the closer he is to his revenge, the closer he is in having he’s identity and background revealed.

    Ep7: Going into the police station is really a risky thing to do for Gun Wook. Though he might knows how’s the investigation proceeding, but he risks being caught. Really the same as his stuntman job. Really like how the Mo Nae’s sister fantasize what will happen in the lift with Gun Wook. Yet when holding handsa only she is resisting. From the bottom of her heart the viewers can see that she really wants it. Looking forward to the next episode when Mo Nae caught her and Gun Wook. Furthermore, TaeSung is really acting like a kid, destroying the art piece, and when his mum slapped Ja In, he didn’t even interfere! What a BOY. So he’s not a MAN. Your mum is simply being haughty and flaunting her wealth(how I wish she’ll get robbed)…what era is this and she speaks of social class? A caste system? Yucks.

    ep8: To keep her job, Jae In has no other choice but to bow down and apologize isn’t it? Oh the kiss that she and Gun Wook shared. Finally, but of course they wouldn’t/unlikely to end up a couple since both of them has their own secret agenda. Or perhaps this is what they share in common and should end up together? Plus, you get to see that the real Tae Sung is indeed having some sort of feelings for Jae In. So, her initial aim to get close to Tae Sung can now be realized since this guy is showing interest in her? A mysterious person appear. Who is the one who visit GW’s parents grave? Is it the butler cum secretary of Mo Nae’s family(the one who pushed him causing him to bear that scar)?

    ep9: WHat’s Tae Sung playing at, asking Gun Wook to posed as him at the party? And, if you are searching for somebody, searched throughly, Mo Nae. Finally Gun Wook and Mo Nae sister shared a kiss which is very emotionally unsafe given that they might be discovered. Gun Wook, if you want to take revenge, I suggest that you do not revealed so much about yourself, especially in the previous episode he chatted with Mo Nae’s mum, gestured in sign language(again in this episode he showed it). Jae In knows the swop and she speaks to Tae Sung(who is behind the mask and in Gun Wook’s clothes)as though TS is really GW. Is this her true confession to TS? And Jae In, how can you ask GW what TS likes? If i’m GW, I will just storm off man. I really like the tension between GW and Mo Nae’s sister.I must compliment GW for his timing of door lift opening. It’s always so precise. I don’t understand GW! How can he help Jae In to woo TS?! Seriously…Couldn’t help laughing when Jae In went to the gym…she obviously wanted TS, but played hard to catch. And TS is over reacting to Jae In’s injury…C’mon! She’s not even bleeding or fainted!!! So TS is just toying with her. MEANIE, and really bad guy literally! Half way through this series, I am eagar to watch how GW gonna tear apart Mo Nae’s family. Please come faster.

    ep 10: Jae In saw his wound! And she’s also the one who inform the police that the suspicious guys has a wound. Poor GW will be caught before he gets his revenge at this rate. Jae In knows too much secret of GW. Is she gonna be killed by GW then? On the sidenote, I realized the girl who acted as Jae In sister in this drama is actually the same actress who acted the young Sujini in the Legend(Lee Ji Ah’s child counterpart). I find her to be cuter then, maybe because her hair here doesn’t suits her. Also, Bad Guy is down to 17 episodes in total because KIm Nam Gil is enlisted into the army. This drama didn’t get much success given it was stopped during the World Cup, and now got to cut down on its production. If not I believed it would have been a damn good series.

    ep11: Jae In overheard GW denying he got a wound on his back when he got questioned by the policeman. Will she betrayed him? And can the sisters stop arguing over a man? As her elder sister can’t you just state the truth and not hide? As you can see, there’s not much of trust between the rich sisters. How sad is this when you can’t trust your own family. Even her husband knows she got a boyfriend?! Mo Nae, just forget about your first love though it’s the first love that hurts the most. Jae In ex is so annoying. Tae Sung is simply naive, don’t you love her? Then whatever it is, can’t you just ignore it? He ought to learn from Cinderella’s Sister DaeSung. GW stuntmen brother is really nice, but acting skills not good enough. If I were the investigator, I would be even more suspicious after speaking to the stuntmen. No doubt, the investigators staged the question and they got the answer they want. RUN GW!!! On the other hand, Jae In is in hot soup. What a TIMELY CALL from her sister by the way. Pretty obvious that Jae In loves GW, from her reaction in policestation and persistence for an answer from GW, saying he’s not the killer. So we get to know the truth. What exactly caused TaeSung’s girlfriend’s death. Gw is just too pitiful. Love the hug.

    ep15: Finally everyone knows GW is the boy who was chased away by the Hong family. Like the twist that its Mdm Hong who killed his parents. So who help GW to survive from his car wreck? Is he saved by somebody and got caged up or is he isolating himself on purpose? What’s Mo Nae’s sister plan after learning the truth. Meanwhile, I kind of find the real Tae Sung hiding something…2 episodes more. Let the climax begin!

    ep16: Tae Sung is also not the real Tae Sung. Till now, I don’t really see what’s so bad about Gun Wook. Has he even taken his revenge? What he did was only toying with the feelings of the women in the Hong household.It’s not against the law isn’t it? He did not even taken any life! His hands are not stained in blood yet. Did he faked his insanity? 1 episode more to go. Perhaps the title of this drama should be named as Bad woman/bad mum.

    ep 17:

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