Cinderella’s Sister


Episodes: 20

Genre:  Sisterhood, family, romanceFeaturing:

  • Seo Woo – Hyo-seon Ku (cinderella)
  • Moon Geun-Young – Eun-ju (cinderella’s sister)
  • Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon
  • Taecyeon as Han Jung Woo
    • Moon Suk Hwan (문석환) as Jung Woo (adolescent)
  • Plot:

    1. A girl loses her father and gets bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. The poor Cinderella like girl attempts to take revenge…

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    2. She has neither aspiration nor emotion and her smile is sarcastic. Eun-jo is a girl who has apathy toward life. Her mother, who has been living as a single mother for 18 years, finally found the right person to marry and brought Eun-jo into the stepfather’s house.
    A decent house and a decent family…. Eun-jo feels that everything in this house does not fit for her. The most unbearable thing she faces is the stepsister Hyo-sun, who is the apple of her father’s eyes and beloved by everyone in the house. Hyo-sun also takes away the mind of Eun-jo’s mother, just like her bright and untainted character attracted all the other people. Eun-jo cannot tolerate this situation, since she lost the only one that she completely owned.
    She sets her mind on getting even with Hyo-sun. ‘Cinderella shouldn’t be loved by her stepmother. You broke the rule! I’ll pay you back by taking away what you have and will have! But then… What should I do first?’

    credit to KBSworld and Hancinema

    Comments: so far episode 1 has been painting the background, and I believe from here on, the tragedy, and plot will heighten up.

    Finally in ep3 cinderella and her sister relation started to ignite. Till now, I can’t really blame Eun jo for her actions. Coz seeing her mum like that who won’t be envy? OBVIOUS DIFFERENT TREATMENT between she and Hyo seon. Besides, I don’t really think she’s that bad after all, other than always ignoring her step sister. And at the end episode where she wanted to spin a tale, to hurt Hyo Seon so that Hyo Seon will realize she herself isn’t so nice afterall(just like there’s a little devil housed deep inside each of us), which ended up to be true (Eun jo regretted after she knew it’s exactly what she said, simply looked at her expression!).  Also, you’ll see that cinderella going to try and stop being NICE. Fight for your rights girls! Can’t wait for ep 4 and more where I wanna see they really get on each other’s throat…

    Yes, ep4 girls fight. And one wonders how the 2 sisters can lived under a roof for 8 years, like the twist at the end where cinderella grown up decided not to simply CRY CRY CRY all the time. Finally cinderella shows her visciousness.

    Ep 5, all the main cast are in. Good that there’s no usual korean drama plot. Whereby the cast didn’t know each other, then finally recognize who the other person is. In fact it is not possible to have such a scene given that the young version and older version are the same people except a change in hairstyle.

    Ep6 : Now one can see cinderella does get jealous, and feel inferior. Can’t be help too since she really is of lesser capability then her step sister. At the end, her step sister isn’t so mean afterall. The REAL MEANIE is step sister’s mum, THE STEP MOTHER. So what action will cinderella’s father take since he overheard the conversation? He already has a child with the women! Will he release cinderella’s step sister and allow her to leave home? Or he’ll take revenge together with cinderella? Poor step sister…

    EP 7: so cinderella’s father really is magnanimous to tolerate the wife’s affairs. But looking at this stage, I expect that somewhere down the drama, he’ll die. So Eun jo will then end up on the streets again, like in the mv.

    Ep8: Ha, maybe not. Eun jo will end up on the streets because she wanted to redeem her mum’s sins. She chooses to lead a hell life. Another possible reason why she ended up on the streets like in the mv. Given that the conversation between her mum and her suggested something like this, as well as the ending where she caught her mum having a daylight affair. In fact, if only her mum doesn’t hide things from her, and be more truthful, Eun Jo will definitely believe her, or rather trust in her. Her mum is the culprit man…Love the part where the kids are in a fight trying and opposing the decision to hand over cinderella’s uncle to the police. And one really sees the need of a fatherly figure in this type of situation- to stop the mess. This is the part where one can see that young adults at times do behave emotionally and like a kid. Seems like Eun jo and Ki Hoon really are over? even if their hearts may still long for the other party.

    ep11: Gosh! This episode is so touching…cinderella is Dae Sung daughter indeed. Said the exact same words like her father to Eun jo. Eun jo sure felt bad enough. How can she not love her step sister. If I were her, long ago since the moment Dae Sung pass away I would have break my icy self and hug Hyo Seon, dote her, pamper her., make up  to her. Get back on your own mother Eun jo! Her mum is the one that never learns.

    ep12: Can see that Eun Jo is in fact nice in nature. Her only weakness I guess is she don’t express her actions according to her feelings like when she wanted to stroke and console Hyo Seon in one of the earlier episode but didn’t do so. In this episode you get to see her doing small little things like tricking(yes i believe so even though the words Eun Jo says is otherwise)her mum to treat Hyo Seon better, and requesting Ki Hoon to take good care of Hyo Seon, plus waking Hyo Seon up and out of bed?

    Ep14: wow! Finally Hyo Seon knows about her step mother’s doing, just when this step mother is showing some kind of remorse. She’s getting capable. Ki Hoon and Eun Jo relation is so close yet so far. Anticipating what actions Hyo Seon will take next. Her fiesty eyes at the end of the episode, seemed so enlightened. haha. Am already wondering if this drama will have any extension. Simply too great to miss. I sincerely hope that the ending for this drama won’t suck.

    Ep15: Cinderella fight back in summary of this episode. I can see that thefocus is now shift to Hyo Seon. And all the lies are exposed, will be continue to expose in tonight’s ep 16. About 5 episodes more and this drama will end. Hopefully the ending is good. If not it really spoils the whole series.

    Ep 16: Gotcha! Lies exposed. Only one lie is kept from Hyo Seon- the identity of Ki Hoon. What I don’t understand is since you hate the person and yet why can’t you bear to let the person go? Eun Jo towards Ki Hoon is like that, Hyo Seon towards her so called mum is like that. And now, the mum is missing on purpose or just to avoid the storm by living with the friend she met on the train station? Will stepmother die? Eunjo and Hyo Seon relationship which seemed to turn better will it deterioriate? Eun Jo is filled with guilt towards Hyo Seon for what her mum’s extra marital affair, Ki Hoon is filled with guilt for the cause of Dae Sung’s death, Hyo Seon now also guilty for making Eun Jo’s mum missing? What will the ending be like? I can’t guess how the drama will proceed. Now there’s also another problem, Hyo Seon loss of taste. In 4 episodes to go, the drama has to solved the relationhip problems among the main casts plus HS problem.

    Ep 17: Couldn’t help laughing. It should be a frantic search for Eun Jo’s mum but the wonderfully played scenes make me overlook the search. Eun Jo trying to be the household matriarch. Eun Jo trying to learn the dance moves of Kpop groups so that she can be on the same frequency and communicate with her little brother. And I do agree with her that her mum is really a CRAZY WOMAN, since she knows what Junso know, u-kiss, SNSD, etc. EPIC and I bet Moon Geun Young is trying hard to fight back her laughter. It’s quite light hearted as compared to last weeks episodes. I appreciate this. Finally I know how Ki Hoon has changed. He is able to seize the moment and express his feelings to Eun Jo as compared to 8 years ago. He has grown indeed. Repentance is reflected on evil mum now. FINALLY.

    Ep19: Because of Junso, evil mum is back. Mum’s remorse over her treatment towards Eunjo in the past is finally showing. Well, she’s humane after all since she does feel pain if Hyo Seon is sick. Besides, Hyo Seon cannot blame Eunjo for not showing affections of love towards their brother. Eunjo hasn’t experience much love from her mum to display caring acts towards Junso. This episode seems to strengthen Ki Hoon and Eunjo relation. But the preview is showing that Eunjo is leaving togther with her mum to United States?!(I realize after ep20, that this preview subtitle has seriously gone wrong) So, the much anticipated kiss in this drama shown in this episode is like the last kiss? Since Eunjo is leaving. So it’s all fluff. Whatever the mum says to Hyo Seon. Despite this, I still hold a little hope that the ending won’t suck and there’s going to be a little difference in the preview and the episode tonight(4/6/10). Keeping my fingers crossed.

    ep 20! : 4.5/5!!!! Highest rating ever. Happy ending between Ki Hoon and Eunjo. This is different from the fairy tale. Cinderella didn’t get her Prince Charming. A little sorry for Taecyeon though. Oh well, in this episode, Eunjo icy self is all gone. From the moment she chased after Hyo Seon after telling her about Ki Hoon and his Hong Family. Again she displayed her sister love in the ending- the hug. The kissing scene this episode isn’t of much difference from EP 19. This scene should be just deleted man, got a feeling it’s redundant. (crying then kiss, NOT AGAIN…) Thumbs up for this drama. Even though I hated political parts in drama like the Hong Family case, yet this didn’t stop me from enjoying this show as it’s of little portion, and explains Ki Hoon’s dilemma thus affecting his relation with the 2 sisters. Junso also seemed not to hate EJ anymore(EJ pats Junso’s head), so this Ku’s family though without a fatherly figure now, is getting warmth. Eunjo’s mum is the household elder though not the breadwinner. Well paced drama, with ups and downs. The downs really touched your heart. Shouldn’t missed this. Though I got a feeling I’ll skipped the Bakery drama which is taking over the slot, and replaced it with BAD GUY, starring Kim Nam Gil. From IRIS to Chuno to Cinderella sister, KBS has proven that it does have good productions. Can’t wait for MGY next work. She’s simply better and better. Very professional and superb display of acting skills at her age.

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