God of Study



  • Kim Soo Ro as Kang Suk Ho
  • Bae Doo Na as Han Soo Jung
  • Oh Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri
  • Yoo Seung Ho as Hwang Baek Hyun
  • Ji Yeon as Na Hyun Jung
  • Go Ah Sung as Gil Pul Ip
  • Lee Hyun Woo as Hong Chan Doo
  • Lee Chan Ho as Oh Bong Goo
  • Episodes: 16

    Genre: school life, comedy(not too much)

    Synopsis: click here


    Fresh new faces, maybe not too new, since many are child actors now in their teens. Interesting adaptation from a Japanese manga. One might find it so slosely linked to one’s school life. Although besides the drama focus of academic, the relationship is also being focus on, like family, friends, as well as student to teacher relationship. Offers an insight of teacher’s life too. Would like to see more acting opportunities like this for younsters. Not to forget the adult actors really do play a part too, especially Kim Soo Ro’s role reminds me of Kim Myung Min’s role in Beethoven Virus. Somewhat similar.

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