Guhimo’s revenge: Tale of the fox’s child


Genre: Thriller,Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Actions

Episodes: 16


  • Han Eun Jung as Goo San Daek (Gumiho)
  • Jang Hyun Sung as Yoon Doo Soo
  • Kim Yoo Jung as Yeon Yi
  • Seo Shin Ae as Yoon Cho Ok
  • Plot:

    The legendary gumiho or nine-tailed fox, Goo San Daek, leaves her husband after his betrayal renders her unable to shapeshift. She takes her nine-year-old daughter, Yeon Yi, who has yet to gain the ability to use her gumiho powers, to a village in order to protect her. As Yeon Yi turns ten, her physical transformation begins, putting her in increasing danger of being discovered by her neighbors.

    credits to dramawiki


    Though I normally avoid horror clips, but I find myths and legends pretty interesting. So am giving this drama a try. Proves that it’s full of suspense, and close shave discovery(woman and child quite frequently revealed their true self.) Though I would suggest that if they want to live longer, maybe they should learn to be more tolerant in the mortals world.

    ep1: Nice opening. Has a horror film touch. So the woman is just a day away to being human but her husband simply cannot keep his mouth shuts. Too bad man, you should honour your promise. Woman and child escapes. But of course another man come into their life(the man who so eagerly seeking for a cure to his daughter’s illness), and you can see the choice that the mum makes. Yes, no matter what, be it animal or human, motherly love is showered to their child.

    ep2: See, another case of a spoilt rich brat. Though I always find the child actors cute, but because she,Seo Shin Ae,  acted so well, I do feel disgust of the so called upper class. And what a horrible thing to do when you treat somebody nice yet is because you wanted to kill the person(taking her liver for your child). Gruesome. And you seriously think your child will become better? eeeks.

    ep 3: Captivating opening. With the shadow and sword, one feared for Yeon Yi. But then relieved happens just as quickly, when it seemed that the man isn’t going to kill Yeon Yi yet. But he wanted Yeon Yi’s mother to be his wife too? Oh you man simply isn’t satisfy with one wife huh? It’s funny to see little kids displaying a love triangle in drama. Which also makes me wonder if the drama will show how Yeon Yi and the rest grow up and another actors will take over from there. Trouble is brewing for Gumiho, given their aura(both Yeon Yi and her mum) is caught by the Gumiho hunter(Which I would like to address). And yet again, you see a display of motherly love- a frantic mum in search for a cure for her fox child. The ending of this episode is also good, leaving you in suspense as to whther both of them will be caught.

    ep4: Close shave! Both aren’t caught but now more soccerers are involved.Both Gumiho’s identity are at stake. What will Yeon Yi do if her mum is to die? So humans and non-humans are to be at distance apart. I can’t help but to credit the child actor Shin Ae, she portrays jealousy with her eyes so well. GOSH! But it seemed like her mum knows that Yeon Yi will be sacrificed, and this is what’s the motives behind her present husband. I can’t help but to pity both mother and child. Seemed like environmental pressure is forcing them to kill the humans in order to live, so will they do this?

    ep9:  So far the drama has been heightening up. Yeon Yi is dead. Cho Ok is saved as she ate Yeon Yi’s liver. But it seemed to me that Yeon Yi willing sacrificed herself for Cho, as she is awake when she was tied up. Cause she even requested to sing a lullaby her mother taught her. But the next episode seemed to suggest that Yeon Yi is revived and is back for revenge. I wonder how is she going to be alive. Her mother is obviously distraught for losing her child.

    ep10: Yeon Yi mum is bend on getting her avenge for her child. Reversal of fate in this episode. What Yeon Yi suffered was reflected upon Cho Ok and her mum. Interesting. Yet this episode has yet to revealed whether Yeon Yi is just an illusion or has indeed revived?

    Till the end, Yeon Yi isn’t revived. And yes, with revenge in her head only, Cho Ok killed San daek in the end. Yet San Daek already know her motives. So you can see this gumiho is indeed motherly. She acted out of revenge for her child. But lesson learnt is that if everything is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, it is a vicious cycle. No winner in the end. Tragic ending I will say for this drama.

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    Rating: 4/5