The mysteries of love/談情說案


Starring: Tavia Yeung, Rayomond Lam, Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Genre: Occupation, Romance, Action, Mystery, Comedy

Episodes: 24(the 24th ep is close to 2 hrs)


This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.

Kingsley King (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in physics and he is appointed as an associate professor in a Hong Kong university. Invited by his good friend Lo Tin-Hang (Kenneth Ma), Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit, Pok assists in cracking many mysterious crime cases and he also meets policewoman Chui Siu-Lai (Tavia Yeung) during the process. The rational Kingsley evaluates that he has fallen in love with Lai because of a love hormone called phenylalanine. However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, Kingsley fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas.

On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited Hang has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist Ling Man-Ka (Bernice Liu). Hang doesn’t believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. However, his belief is suddenly shattered when he learns that Man is going to get married.

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There’s controversy of this show copying Japanese drama Galileo, but other than the characters played by Tavia and Raymond, as well as the props, and maybe a little of the plot, I still find this refreshing. For this drama tried to tie in the other characters nicely to maintain the Hong Kong style of Kinship. Besides, the Japanese drama has a heavier weighting on the cases involved. While this drama strike a balance between the cases and the relationships of the characters. As expected given its title. After watching half way through this series, I find that there’s certain cases where Biology came in as well as Chemistry. And surprisingly, Raymond’s character seemed to be some sort of Mr Know it All, when I thought his area of expertise is in Physics. A little of the track for these parts. Oh, and the children actors you’ll find them familiar if you have watched Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. Ep1 there’s young JinLing, Ep 6 if I don’t remeber wrongly she’s the one who acted as SamHo when she’s young, and of course the little boy throughout the show is the one who acted as Prince Guang. Quite a nice followup of Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

This series has ended. Though the ending is pretty much Hongkong style (where the casts come togther and the story ends), nonetheless it is still a happy ending.

ep1:Siu Lai’s ancestors and Kingsley’s ancestors helped a foreigner resulting in 2 portraits drawn. Lai’s family kept one and the other Kingsley’s family kept. Lai got promoted to the crime scene investigation team.

ep2: It happened that Kingsley’s buddy is Lai’s superior. And in breaking cases, the team gets the help of a professor. Kingsley is the new Prof. So that’s how Lai and Prof King met. The case of whether there’s gunshots, the team enlisted Prof King’s help. Oh yeah, not to forget those rich really like to match make huh? So afraid that their child cannot find a partner for him or her self?

ep3: In another case, involving a crystal ball. Lai was suspected of helping to destroy the evidence. Hero to the rescue! Prof King helped to clear the name of Lai.

ep4: Paranoid parents hoping for their child to be in the top notch school, with reference to Lai’s brother and wife. Quite a true reflection of society today. Branded is good~superficial. Ling Man Ka (Ling)requested Lo Tin-Hang (Lo)to look after her friend Rachel, but it seemed that though Lo is flamboyant, he never dare to do anything to Ling’s friend. Gentlemen? or simply because he really loves Ling? And a case involving the supernatural? Ghastly.

ep5: Prof King and Lai went to search for the little boy’s uncle who is deemed to be able to see what humans can’t see. In the end, the uncle is actually just trying to earn an income being a Taoist. The place where the uncle chose to live is spooky enough. I wonder if he ever dies, who will know given the place is super isolated. So Lai got injured on the way back, caught an infection and both she and Prof King are lost. Lai is starting to have a crush on Prof King. Universal plot- something happened to ignite a relationship. Again, Prof King solved the case.

ep6: Lai’s brother got involved in a car crash accident. Wanted to plead King to help them. Because of Lai, King agreed to help. So Lai family find King very nice…OK, so one side agrees the other side disapproves. Rich family really love money more than anything else. Lai realized that the two of them belongs to different social class, so she hides her feelings. So asian type of girl Lai is, as compared to the liberal Ling.

ep7: The case of acid spillage from bottles tied to balloons. This case is very straightforward. The suspicious clown is the culprit. No other people. So the team went to made an arrest. At this crucial moment, King called Lo many times, and luckily the team escaped fast, nobody was hurt except for the clown who attempted suicide. And Lo is involved in a one night stand. Totally suits his character. Honestly it’s the first time Kenneth take on such a liberal role. Alot of ahem, his bed scenes throughout this drama.

ep8: Lai supported her brother financially to set up a cafeteria in the university(King’s working place). On the  opening day, King happened to have a stomach upset. When Lai and her 2nd brother send King home, her brother saw the portrait the King family has is exactly the same as theirs. Nothing much happening in this episode.

ep9: So the university has a tug of war event. And Prof King is trying to use physics to win. This is funny. Though the physics team win the tug of war, disaster is happening. Prof King thesis was found to be inaccurate, and false. King has to prove that his thesis is right even though he was framed by his assistant. So, one cannot be too successful? Envy can really make a devil out of anyone.

ep10: Lai cooked and made supper for the troubled King. She even suggested him not to follow the order. Coin toss! So familiar to Emergency Unit used by laughing Gor. Of course with the support of love, King overcome the impossible. Meanwhile, Ling and Lo went fishing and Lo told Ling about his life’s ambitions. Ling then disappeared stating that she is afriad of falling in love with Lo. WHAT THE HECK?! So these 2 fellows just like to fool around. What a match they are. One wonders how come they didn’t have sex related diseases. As usual it’s just drama.

ep11: So king profess his love on Lai, and wanted to go steady with her. Very funny of Lai-the can’t believe it behaviour. Given that his her crush of course she has to give it a try. So Lai is on all smiles even at work and interrogating criminals. I must say the interrogation is a really cute scene. Poor nephew of Lai, got bullied in school yet was blamed. UNFAIRNESS IS ALL SO COMMON. SO IS BULLYING. SHAME ON THE KIDS. Again, this is just a drama.

ep12: The case of a burnt body. Honestly this guy who is dead here, deserved it. But of course one shouldn’t take the law into his hands. Let the evildoer be punished naturally. Prof King is involved again in this case…and cracked the case. BINGO.

ep13: The rich really are so !@#$@%. What’s wrong with the son going for what he likes. He’s marrying a wife, and not marrying somebody to please his parents. But of course dramas always like to show the bad side of the rich. Doesn’t rich family also have someone who is nice?

ep14: Lai’s family charitable deeds caused them to be on the same TV show as King’s family. King’s family is the guest of honour while Lai’s family is the recipent of an award. What a small world. So some rich man’s child is operating and a bomb is ticking away at the same time. King got to help out again.

ep15:SUCCESS for King and the team. Ling is back but now with a boyfriend she likes. Turn out that this boyfriend of hers is fooling around behind her back. But Ling simply doesn’t believes it even though it’s what Lo told her. LOVE is blind. Haiz.

ep16: Ling is so in love with Adrian and ignores Lo. Lo naturally is displeased.

ep17: The case of curse? Generation old fends of 2 village. Really, why can’t people just be more forgiving. this case is a little like dealing with traids. Og course King dismissed the superstitions. But tell me, where is physics involved?! It appeared to me that King excel in other sciences like Bio and Chem. Lai was invited to the upper class party but because she catched a thief,( lost of feminess and wrecked the things), she got a complaint from the party goers and King’s family disapproves her even more.

 ep18: King felt sandwiched between his parents and Lai. Decided to have a breakup. AND REALLY can’t one be honest about the breakup reason? While King’s mum went for an operation. Super please to know King break up with Lai. What kind of mum is this?! Lai was hurt pretty badly. Oh girl be strong and just forget KING…

ep19-20: The case of a psychotic exhubby. Her hubby simply went on a killing spree, ultimately wanted to kill his ex wife. Of course the team was able to stop the tragedy with King’s help. Love is toxic, if one cannot forgets and move on.

ep21: Lai asked for transfer to other department to avoid King. Another person, Wendy take over Lai’s position. Who knows whether Lai’s going to meet King again. King’s parents find another girl, Bao Er, whom they find it suitable and compatible with King. Ling finally caught Adrian in the act. I nearly forgot you aren’t stupid, LING! Good job!

ep22: The police got fooled by a helicopter. And their ugly reaction got posted on the web. Technology is so advanced. Ling and Lo patched up, and deal with Adrian. But then Lo still went to clubbing and got himself into trouble. Since you are true to Ling, then stopyour bad habits!!!Quit fooling!

ep23: Because of an overheard conversation on Lo, Ling decided to leave yet AGAIN. I’m so so bored with the leaving and patching up. If you decide to leave then don’t return. I think it is a habit of Ling. What a bad habit. Followup of the surgical bombing from ep 14. Now the old man is the one who was nearly killed. ELECTROCUTED to be exact. King prevent the mishap from happening. Yet he’s mum was abducted to misled King, and let his emotions get the better of him.Lai went back to the etam to help while Wendy went on maternity leave. Kings family changed their perception of Lai due to King’s mum abduction. So is this really the case of one must learn a lesson to be obedient? esp Kings family. Plus, Bao Er did nothing to prevent King’s mum from being abducted, cause she chicken out. Finally one will know that she is so bad in character. OPEN YOUR EYES BIG THE KING FAMILY.

ep24: Brains battle between Ace and King(So poker cards…too bad no joker). Lai almost got poisoned to death by Ace. Prof King used the crossword puzzle to detect Ace’s location. Ace tried to die together with King. Due to Lai’s encouragement to a comatose King, King recovered. King’s parents are very grateful to Lai. Went to search for Lai in Australia but found out that he has deeply hurt her emotionally and indirectly physically(what a silly woman to cut her veins to attempt suicide just because her relationship failed). So a touching speech from Prof King, some elements of help, Lai and King become couples again.

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