HK movie

by dramasians

Future X cop

Starring: Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu, Xu Jiao(the girl who acted in CJ7), Fan Bing Bing, Mike He, Fan Siu-Wong


Kidd (Andy Lau) a police officer from the year 2080 and his wife Millie (Bingbing Fan) are summoned to protect Dr. Masterson (Jingwu Ma), who is known as the “Father of Solar Energy” due to creating a cheap method to replace fossil fuel with solar energy. Because of Dr. Masterson’s creation, oil tycoons have made several attempts on the life of Dr. Masterson. The Special Force of the police department has received credible information that an army of humanoids (half-man/half-machine) led by Kalon (Siu-Wong Fan) & Fiona (Yifei Tang) are set to ambush Dr. Masterson at the Convention Center.

At the Convention Center a fierce battle ensues that leaves Kidd’s wife Millie and all of the humanoids dead, except for Kalon & Fiona.

The oil tycoons then steal the secrets of time travel to send revamped 2.0 versions of Kalon & Fiona to the year 2020 to murder Dr. Masterson when he was a 12 year old kid.

The government learns of the oil tycoons plans to go back in time and this is when Kidd volunteers to have radical surgery to transform himself into a bionic man with mechanical arms and legs. He then travels back to 2020 with his daughter Kiki, who will go to the same school as the young Dr. Masterson. Kidd works as a police officer in 2020, to avoid suspicion of his background, while fellow police officer Holly (Barbie Hsu) becomes attracted to Kidd. Knowing he will go back to 2080 after his mission is complete he is unable to return Holly’s affection for him.

A fierce show down with the androids Kalon & Fiona is then set to occur …

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I have yet to watch, but just the cast alone is attractive to me. Of course realistic wise I doubt I would enjoy it given that from the trailer alone, one can figure out lots of animation is involved. I hope the effect will make the movie nicer instead of hindering it. I can’t help but would compare it with Iron Man, though the animation involved in Iron Man is compatitble with the story. Iron Man did seem to me to be realistic enough. At least there’s guaranteed action involved to prevent one from falling asleep while watching.

After watching this movie, SERIOUSLY DON’T BOTHER TO WATCH. DON’T WATCH IT IN THE CINEMA. Simply not worth it unless you are an animation fanatic. This movie has absurd plot, yes good twists but the conversation wise of some parts gave me the idea that it’s there for the sake of being there to make the duration long enough. NO plus points for lengthy conversation. Seems like a combination of Hollywood films to me-Iron Man, Spider Man (the bas guys roles), and perhaps Transformer. Great disappointment. I was lured to the movie by the casts, but the plot totally spoils everything no matter how great the casts is.