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HIGHLY RECOMMENDING IP MAN & IP MAN2! Unbelievably good in terms of plot, actions, and acting. SUPERBx3!

Trailer of Ip Man:

Trailer of Ip Man 2:


The Story of a martial arts master Ip Man who specialize in Wing Chun(a form of martial arts style). Ip Man has the story from Pre WW2 to WW2. While Ip Man 2 continues the legend after WW2 onwards. The first movie has the setting at Foshan, China. The latter setting is in Hong Kong.


  • Donnie Yen (甄子丹) as Ip Man (葉問)
  • Simon Yam (任達華) as Chow Ching-chuen (周清泉)
  • Fan Siu-Wong (樊少皇) as Jin Shanzhao (金山找)
  • Lynn Hung (熊黛林) as Cheung Wing-sing (張永成)
  • Lam Ka-Tung (林家棟) as Li Zhao (李釗)
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (池內博之) as General Miura (三浦)
  • Ip Man 2 casts:

    Original casts plus

  • Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) as Wong Leung (黃梁)
  • Kent Cheng (鄭則士) as Fatso (肥波)
  • Comments:

    Ip Man the first reminds me of Huo Yuan Jia, who similarly duels with a Japanese. But of course the ending for both is different, Huo Yuan Jia died in his match but Ip Man survived his. Ip Man 2 shows the early immigrants challenges, you can say that it’s a little like historical movie, with WW2, colonial rule etc. Very enjoyable. One shouldn’t miss this.