Love is in the air

by dramasians

Recent taiwan/China idol dramas are focusing very much on romance…starting from P.S man to Summer’s Desire and Scent of love. Summer’s Desire versus Scent of love(since both are in episode 4 now), and the former is for audience with a strong taste of sad story. Scent of love is more lighthearted and a little comedian. Acting wise, Summer’s Desire is much stronger compared to Scent of love. Target audience for both shows seemed to be women, given how the plot unfolds for both. I would say Summer’s Desire is more matured in terms of storyline, and the actors can bring you in. While Scent of love seemed a little weak. Nonetheless, looking at stronger leads, them doing well is no surprise, but chances for younger actors come very little, and of course when there’s the opportunity, newbies normally grabbed hold of it rather than wait for a good one least the audience forgets them. Personally I would put them on par, since the ending of the drama is important too.

Scent of love casts:

Summer’s Desire Casts:

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