OLD Movies

by dramasians


The Secret by Jay Chou. Better than his pandamen drama, and among the movies he acted in, this is his best be it plot wise, casts, and creativity.

Jay’s works: Pandamen, Kungfu Dunk(movie), Curse of the golden flower(movie)


I’ve no idea why but there’s seemed to be a trend recently. Dramas and movies is showcasing war time series, is it because of Cold War/North Korea recent sinking of South Korea naval ship? IRIS and upcoming Athena drama is something about the hostility between both countries. The current Road No 1 drama is a wartime drama, as well as 71 into the fire(movie). All these have their story dated back/based on old times, a period of unrest.

And I found this movie titled,May 18. Again with the story happening in wartime, starring Lee Junki and Queen Seon Deok, Lee Yo Won.

More works of LJK: Winter Snow(movie), Hero(MBC), Ijimae, My Girl

More works of LYW: Queen Seon Deok, Bad love, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee