2011 drama ratings/list


  • Athena: 4/5 (better than IRIS)
  • Can you hear my heart beat: DROPPED. ( Though it’s meleodrama, but the acting skills is superior especially the kids)
  • City Hunter: ongoing (superb. Eye candy plus awesome plot. BONUS!)
  • Dream high: 4.5/5
  • Lie to me: 3/5
  • Mary stayed out all night: 3.5/5(was expecting a better plot)
  • My Princess: 3/5 (didn’t catch onto me as much as Dream High, would prefer Goong over this similar genre)
  • Baker King Kim tak goo(old drama): 4.5/5(surprisely good, after I tried 1 episode out, got me watching the rest. Total episodes are 30)
  • The Duo: /5 (like warrior baek dong soo). Neutral so far.Verdict: SKIPPED/DROPPED.
  • Crime Squad: 3.5/5
  • 49 Days: 4/5 (interesting storyline, though i dislike Lee Yo Won’s lesser than pretty ajumma hairstyle & gloomy traits)
  • You’ve fallen for me/Heartstrings: 3/5
  • One Thousand Years of Promise: Skipped. Too monotonous for me, though frankly speaking the acting skills are good, just that the storyline is a bit too dry.
  • Me too, Flower! : /5(ongoing, love it thus far)
  • Man of Glory/Man of Honour: /5(ongoing. loving it, since it’s been a while there’s this child seeking parent thingy. Kinda reminds me of autumn tale. )

Taiwan drama:

  • Sunny Happiness: 4/5 (very natural delivery of acting and plot, it’s an underdog drama which turns out GOOD)
  • Love you: 3.5/5
  • Hayate the combat butler: 3/5(pretty alright. Fantastic mansion)
  • Ring Ring bell: /5(ongoing. in fact quite disappointing. A failed version of Autumn Concerto by Vanness & Ady Ann)
  • In time with you: /5(ongoing. really nice comeback of Ariel Lin. Target audience probably those who are working can relate better)
  • Extravagent Challenge/Skip Beat: (starring SJ Donghae, and Siwon)

HK drama:

Chinese (Cdrama)