City Hunter



The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who’s working on the international communications team at the Blue House. He encounters dangerous situations while solving a variety of cases, both big and small, for people who need his help, and eventually becomes a “city hunter.”

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Ep 1: Yoon Sung groomed to take revenge. Reminded me abit of IRIS plot where Lee Byung Hun’s character where similarly got betrayed by country, then seeked to revenge. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Already loved the action part. It seemed that Yoon Sung is all alone surrounded by foreigners (in Vietnam), therefore when he met the Korean chef who gave him a Korean girl photograph(Lee Minyoung), she becomes his crush? Of course episode 2 will feature how they met & interact. Their romance is bound to be full of roadblocks since Yoon Sung cannot reveal his identity and is warned that he should not fall in love or there will be bloodshed. So you can expect that this drama will go something like that:

Boy meets girl, but due to his burden, can he fall in love with her? Her working to protect the government, and he seeking revenge against the people in the government.

Ep3: Due to the 2 children, he started his first bout of revenge. A little like Ijimae, just that this is in a modern world context. You can see he is liking Na Na more and more. Also, the president’s daughter has a love at first sight crush on him. Will he use this fan girl admiration to his advantage to get his revenge? Finaly he saw his mother, but it seemed that his so called father now(his dead father buddy, who groomed him), did not reveal that he stolen him (Yoon Sung) from his mother and not she abandon him(Yoon Sung). Plus, Mr President very quickly figured out that somebody is getting revenge and of course make a surprise visit to visit Yoon Sung’s mother. At the same time, Yoon Sung present father arrives at Korea too. Will he simply obey his father orders?

ep7-8: Heart pounding. This 2 is by far the more intensive action packed episodes. In ep 7, Kim Na Na shot City Hunter(Yoon Sung). In ep 8, they met again, and the last scene where Yoon Sung grabbed the dangled Na Na and pulled his wound. In fact throughtout ep8, you can find that alot of people aggravate his wound. Only Soo Hee roughly knows that Yoon Sung is City Hunter, tend his wound and helped him cover up. When will Na Na realised the truth? And is Yoon Sung ‘father’, Jin Pyo able to keep out the whole affair and let Yoon Sung use his own way to revenge?

ep10: Na Na also suspect/realize Yoon Sung is City Hunter. Young Jo also suspects Yoon Sung is the City Hunter. Na Na knows the auntie is Yoon Sung mother. Last scene shows Na Na covering up for Yoon Sung to prevent him from getting caught by Young Jo. Yoon Sung can you be like a hunter and be more alert to the danger around you? Where has your brains gone to?

ep11:Yoon Sung discover that Na Na knows his true identity. As usual the hero will be afraid of putting his lover at risk, hence quit his job. Na Na also exposed that Young Jo is daddy long legs. But one thing she doesn’t know is Young Jo is the son of the politican that killed her parents in a car crash 10 years ago. Yet she passed the evidence to him. Is Young Jo gonna cover up his father past crimes, or stand by the law? Na Na was kipnapped(ordered by Young Jo’s father), but managed to escape and bumped into Yoon Sung(who happened to be in the place  to steal evidence of Young Jo’s father criminal acts). Alas, Young Sung was shot(anesthetic), was caught in the hands of bodyguards of YJ’s father. Na Na and Sik Joong(the uncle who witness NaNa’s parents death, and is sidekick of Yoon Sung) witness Yoon Sung being bashed by these guards. Just at the moment when 1 guard bring the chair high and attempt to hit Yoon Sung with it, Na Na comes bursting the door and begins her heroine martial arts! And the scene ends with Na Na being shot when she uses her body to shield Yoon Sung, Yoon Sung bashed the fellow who gave the shot(suddenly he is not under the influence of anesthetic, power of love?), returns to check on Na Na, who speaks a bit and faints.

ep12: The starting already got me laughing at how ridiculous the whole series of event is, after Na Na was shot. You have Yoon Sung hugging the fainted NaNa, and how surprisingly he didn’t seek medical attention for NaNa. Too Panicky to think properly? Isn’t he a whiz? Instead it’s Sik Joong uncle who called for director. This director is none other than vet doctor Soo Hee. Why is she constantly helping Yoon Sung? Don’t forget her ex is Young Jo. If it were me, I might think twice before seeking her help, at least check whether she has any ulterior motive. Anyway, she began treating Na Na, urged them to go hospital, very serious wound she said, plus there’s not enough blood. Yoon Sung surprised me with the statement I’m Type O blood…seriously, how did he know what’s Na Na bloodtype, and whether it really is suitable for her?! There’s O plus and O minius isn’t it? And I wonder how on earth did a vet shop will have a blood transfusion machine?! This is testing the limit of reality. And since Soo Hee is so capable, then why don’t she become a doctor instead of vet doctor? Being a vet doctor is like diminishing her true ability. Operation success. Yoon Sung brought Na Na back to his home. Shampoo scene. Normally it’s the female helping the male, but now is the reversal. Young Jo caught his dad with the illegal money, what’s he gonna do? On the other hand, Yoon Sung tricked his father, returned the money to the students. Go for grocery shopping with Na Na to celebrate. Yoon Sung and Na Na trapped with the faulty door dividing them. Yoon Sung father turned up in a motorbike, looks like he gonna kill Na Na……

ep 18: Yoon Sung identity is revealed to all. Even to prosecutor Young Jo. More trouble? Or is Young Jo going to cover up for him? For a moment I thought Young Jo is beginning to like City Hunter, but the ending scene shows his determination to captured him still.

ep 19: Young Jo released City Hunter, Yoon Sung. Frankly admits he admire Yoon Sung, and release him because Yoon Sung is able to do what law can’t. And love the twist that Yoon Sung biological father is in fact Mr President. So this Mr President had an affair with Yoon Sung’s mum! Since Mr President is involved in the operation 28 years back(the killing as seen in ep 1), will Yoon Sung be able to punish Mr President? Seemed like now Yoon Sung is in the shoes of Young Jo. Image of their father in their heart is crushed. Young Jo is dead, but he’s a filial son, even his last words is to beg for forgiveness on behalf of his father. He wanted Yoon Sung to forgive his father, and apologises too. Heart wrenching. What did you guys treat the Vet doctor for?! Somebody you go to when you need her? and somebody to ignore when you don’t need her?! Poor she.

ep 20: BEST ENDING EVER. Na Na protects Mr President( I wonder what she told Mr President that allows her to stay by his side when he dismissed all other bodyguards to fae his death?). Ended upVillians die, but Mr President is alive. Yoon Sung is alive. Initially thought Yoon  sung is dead as Nana, Yoon Sung mum is seen wearing black (mourning clothes?) and talking about mum leaving for America. But then the next scene reveals that Yoon Sung is alive! Glad that he’s no longer city hunter since Jin Pyo claims that he is the city hunter while Yoon Sung looks on as he (Jin Pyo) was shot at. So JIn Pyo afterall do love Yoon sung. Yoon Sung is also nobel since he shield Mr President from Jin Pyo’s bullet even though Mr President has never taken care of him.

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