RATING: 4.5/5


  • Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong
  • Taecyeon as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk
  • Suzy as Go Hye Mi
  • Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee
  • Wooyoung as Jason
  • IU as Kim Pil Sook
  • Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Oh Hyuk
  • Lee Yoon Ji as Shi Kyung Jin

Genre: School, Comedy, romance, music


Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming star (credit to dramawiki)

More like how Kirin Art High School shaped the 6 students, bond them, and nurture them.


Ep1: Was confusing Miss A Suzy with IU. Looks a little alike to me. And IU’s character hasn’t come out, so couldn’t compare. But as the drama proceeds on, can differentiate by the height, and eyes plus frame.

Episodes Recaps with scenes from drama: Just get from dramabeans .

Ep16: Best recap summary I would say. Read it here.


What’s more fabulous way to kick start 2011? This drama made me to revive this dying blog of mine. Was a little disappointed with the ending, probably because I’m yearning for more. 16 episodes for this is INSUFFICIENT!!! An idol drama it is, but you can see the EFFORT each idol put in. The plot is Fabulous. Not exactly 100% relates to real life, but with the Baek Hee scandal, which is not too uncommon in showbiz, portrays a little, plus Pilsuk before and after transformation. From the main cast to the minor (teachers, and schoolmates) I LOVE IT ALL. Follow up of You’re Beautiful/He’s Handsome, this is another idol drama which one definitely MUST WATCH. Fresh faces give u a fresh feel of Kdrama. What more to demand for this drama other than an extension or season2? You want eye candy, check. You want catchy songs, Check. You want funny scenes, check. You want touchy scenes,( to me it’s moderate), check. You want actions (dance), check. You want cute kid(hyemi’s sister), check. You want happy ending, check. Totally have it all! Though sad to say it has ended, but of course you can continue to keep a watch out for the members performance in the near future, as well as their new albums. 2PM (for jason & JinGook), IU(pilsuk), Miss A(HyeMi), T-ara(Baek Hee)…only Kim Soo Hyun (K/Sam Dong) you got to peel your eyes open to spot/keep track of  his next work.

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