Me too, Flower!


Genre: Romance, Comedy



Bong Sun surrounded by boys(Psychiatrist, Jae Hee, junior cop), while Jae Hee Surrounded by girls( Hwa Young, Kim Dal, Bong Sun). Triangle love?



Honestly I don’t know why this english title. What has it got to do with the plot?! Furthermore, its like a comeback for Lee since her marriage  scandal news. 

But then I like how the drama keeps mum about the background of each character, until much later when the two protagonist starts on their relationship. But because of their past experience and background both didn’t dare to make the first move. It’s kind of like a story within a story. A story of each character and a story of their present. Yet despite the differences there are some parallelism that you can associate with the characters, especially between Jae Hee and Bong Sun. 

Similar drama: Pretty hard to get one that’s really so in depth into characters traits, with both a gloom and light touch in the plot. Perhaps Cinderella stepsister.