Other dramas

Top of the list is Mary Stayed out all Night. I was so so so anticipating it, but the plot really kills(in a bad way).  Worst MGY work ever. Not that she isn’t good in acting, but was thinking perhaps she should choose her next work carefully. Or probably, it’s hard to be convinced by to be acting cute naturally, given her spectacular performance in Cinderella Sister. Same case for JGS. Good that he is given so many chances to displa his musical talent, but hey, maybe he should be a singer? His acting definitely can have more expressions. Still, love his killer smile, but maybe the plot restricted what both of them can do. Or am I expecting too much from this comedy? VERDICT: BELOW EXPECTATION

My Princess seemed to face similar problem as Mary. No WOW factor. But must admit it is comical. Only like that CAR on display which the characters would talk in. Given the same genre, similar plot, I would prefer the old old series, Goong. Perhaps because the cast themselves are of certain age, therefore not as convincing, as compared to Goong cast back then. And I’m so used to Kim & Song serious/romantic side in Love Story in Harvard & Autumn Tale respectively, or rather they have done so well in those 2 famous work that I really can’t see them doing comical stuffs. VERDICT: BELOW EXPECTATION

Baker King however is an underdog. With the cast that I do not know, yet the good plot, really can push a newbie up in the showbiz. Accidentally watched an episode, and man, I was wondering why I didn’t watched it previously? Even chose to watched Bad Guy over it. who knows a plot about bread can be so interesting? Though it is lengthy(as long as a drama hits 30 episodes, I classify as lengthy), it is pretty fast to watched. Kids aren’t so cute, but who cares? Since the majority is still acted by the grown ups. Happy ending is a PLUS. VERICT: ABOVE EXPECTATION

Chinese dramas which are lengthy, and about some history figures always ended up sending me to dreamland. But nowadays, seemed that they’ve twisted the story (more fantasy and creativeness) that they actually succeeded in making me watched them completely without skipping an episode or two. WOw. Good job. So which shows am I talking about? None other than Schemes of Beauty and Clothing the World. Similarities are 1) Old dramas that I missed, 2) Story is about the life of a particular historical woman 3) Palace series, nice props, to costumes 4) Eye candy. See the way, Chinese woman try to survive in a man’s world(olden days), before even the opening up of China to trade, and the talk about women in workforce and gender equality. VERDICT: ABOVE EXPECTATION

Another Chinese drama to talk about is Vigilantes in Mask. In fact it’s the story of Ijimae. Previously thought Ijimae is only a person (deduced from the 2 Ijimae K drama). So this Chinese Ijimae is talking about a group. Hmm. I guessed it’s what happen when it’s those kind of legend stuff that is pass down the generation through word of mouth.  At least the aim is to rob the rich and give to the poor (should be a fact, given all 3 plots agree on this). Nice cast combination, though I don’t recognize all. Nonetheless, enjoyable for the pace, the comical portions.  VERDICT: AVERAGE