Palace: Locked Heart




  • Yang Mi as Luo Qing Chuan / Guo Luo Luo / Hua Ying

  • Feng Shao Feng as Yin Si (8th prince)

  • Mickey He as Yin Zhen (4th prince)

  • Tong Li Ya as Nian Su Yan

  • Ken Tong as Xuan Ye (Emperor Kang Xi)

  • Sonija Kwok as Concubine Xi

  • Liu Xue Hua as Consort De

  • Episode: 35

    Genre: historical(palace), romance, fantasy, comedy, action


    Luo Qing Chuan is a modern day girl with a love of history who accidentally travels back in time to Emperor Kang Xi’s era of the Qing dynasty. She becomes embroiled in the princes’ struggle for the throne and is torn between her love for Yin Si, the eighth prince, and Yin Zhen, the fourth prince and future Emperor Yong Zheng. Caught in the crossfire of political intrigue, her wit and historical knowledge serves her well in her bid to stay alive as she begins to realize that true history is much darker and uglier than books portray.

    credit to dramawiki


    Some netizens already commented its like inuyasha, the tree absorbing part. Pretty true. Treat this more of comedy genre, then you won”t be too disappointed. There’s illogical plot here & there(example, how can a modern girl adapt so fast into the ancient times?), but it doesn’t matter. A dose of fantasy doesn’t harm too much I guess, at least for this. In fact it is the plot that got me watching not the cast. Pretty long since I watched some time travel series. Surprisingly, China is showing quite a few of such plot this year. Hmm, I would say it’s gonna be a stiff competition for these time travel dramas. The costumes, to the backdrop of palace is a plus for this drama. Other than this, nothing much. Romance wise not really that much to say. If you really want to compare, I think Kdramas still truimph in romance plot. If you really miss hostorical drama, and fantasy kind of plot, don’t give this a miss.

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