The Other Truth


Episodes: 25

Genre: Law, romance


Does every verdict reveal the truth? Watch the court room drama unfold as a group of very individual attorneys are brought together in complex legal proceedings and each lawyer reveals their own story.

Barrister Keith Lau’s (Ruco Chan) ambition knows no limits. He will do everything he can in order to win a case, even if it means putting himself at risk.

His good friend Wallace Cheuk (Raymond Wong) runs a law firm. Although Wallace is a qualified barrister, he has no court experience, until Mavis Hong (Tavia Yeung) joins his firm. Thereafter, Wallace’s debut meets with loud acclaim.

Their good friend James Wai (Louis Yuen) is a down-on-his-luck lawyer who is financially dependent on his mother: but when a thorny case comes his way, it looks as if his luck has finally changed…

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At least it’s those mini stories combined within a drama, unlike Links to temptation. Not much of Big Shots(A class cast, at most Raymond and Tavia), perhaps a chance for the others to showcse their acting skills, who knows whether a new big shot might come up?

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