Summer K dramas

by dramasians

K dramsa are growing my anticipation! WHY WHY WHY WHY?
All due to the the casts! Cast makes me look forward to plot, especially for K dramas, who will reject eye candy?

Now, even before they are airing, I’m gonna state what are those I’m waiting for,

  • You’re my pet (another Jang guen suk work, and I sincerely wish it’ll be better than mary stayed out all night. Plus Kim Haneul. She is superb in road number 1 and the movie, My girlfriend is a secret agent, this movie is when I started watching her works.) make a mistake. This is a movie not drama.
  • City Hunter (totally eye candies. Both leads are pretty famous for now. Lee Minho, boys over flowers & Park Min Young, Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
  • Lie to Me (Kang Ji Hwan, ridiculously comecial in his movies. Acting counterpart to Kim Hanuel in My girlfriend is a secret agent + Yoon Eun Hye, whom has not been in any drama for a while, with previous work Coffee Prince. Oh, both leads have acted in coffee related dramas. How will the chemistry be like? )
  • Ripley (perhaps a face off with lie to me, same time slot. But hmm, might keep it on hold. Wasn’t so fascinated in Micky’s acting & Lee Da hee, though I might eat my words if the plot turns out to be better.)

All the other countries drama already stated in previous post which are airing in few months time. HOT from the oven~!