Dramas to watch…

by dramasians

After a long wait, I’ve finally watched Startling each step. You can find the Full episodes RAW online.

So what’s next? After the above drama you will definitely need some lighthearted drama.

If you like dream high, and Beethoven Virus, then Do watch The Musical by Goo Hye-Sun(boys over flowers) and Daniel Choi.Warrior Baek Dong Soo I won’t exactly recommend it, unless you are looking for some action film.

Though Poseidon seemed to be an action packed drama, with super junior Choi Siwon(yes, eye candy) in it, it failed to impress me.

Ongoing Tdrama:

By Ariel Lin & Chen Bo Ran, In time with you. Similar type of drama will be My queen (2009 drama). Yellow Ribbon Love not too bad if you kind of miss girl being boy(you’re beautiful, Hana Kimi) that kind of drama.

Ongoing HK drama: Man with no shadows. I’m guessing that it might be something like Death note. Have yet to watch, but will love to.


What’s worth waiting to watch?

  • Heavy hearted drama: Love Rain(Kdrama, starring Jang guen suk & SNSD Yoona). Think it’s gonna be heavy hearted coz the same scriptwritiers produced winter sonata.
  • Thousand day Promise (Kdrama)Simply love the pairing. Su Ae impressed me with Athena, and Kim Rae Won with Love Story in Harvard. I’m sure they can pull off the drama. Probably heavy hearted too.
  • (Tdrama) Going Home. War torn drama. Obviously something about family.Casts: Vic Chou, Janine Chang I may compare it with Road No. 1 by Kim Haneul & So Ji sub.
  • (Tdrama) 真心请按两次铃 (not sure the english title though). Casts: Peter Ho, Janine Chang. Something similar to Autumn’s Concerto in 2008.

Recent Completed drama:

  • Startling by each step(C): 4.5/5, sad ending
  • Lives of Omission(HK): 4/5,  sad ending
  • Love you(T): 3.5/5, Happy ending
  • Hayate the Combat Butler(T): 3/5, Happy ending