NEW dramas

by dramasians

Recently, I’ve found that the time travel phenomenon has moved to Korea(from Cdrama). Kdramas with time travellers, mainly male protagonist. 2 kdramas with time travellers, (1) Queen In Hyun’s Man & (2) Dr Jin.

I’m pretty impress by these 2 dramas, especially Dr Jin. When Dr Jin wasn’t aired yet,  Queen got my fullest attention. But Dr Jin’s plot, and perhaps a little gory scenes (operation cuts) surpassed Queen when comparing these 2 dramas of similar genres. Not to mention that the cast of Dr Jin, Park Min Young(Sungkyunkwan Scandal & City Hunter) and Song Seung Hun(Autumn Tale & Summer Scent) are definitely well known eye candies.

For those who can’t get enough of body switching, that of Secret Garden, consider BIG (yes this is a drama title).

Lack Laughter? Try A Gentlemen Dignity, which I half suspected the targeted audience is later teens/young adults.

Tdrama is still pretty much lacking in plot, but maybe one will like Alice in Wondercity, slightly similar to Beethoven Virus (kdrama).

Cdrama post production takes some time before the drama is finally aired. So meanwhile, wait patiently.