2013 drama ratings

Realized I have been so busy with life! More than a year since I have login to maintain this site. Been away for long, too busy watching more dramas haha. Here’s some ratings! I recommend those in blue. 


Lan Ling Wang: 4/5. I only started to like Ariel Lin in her acting after her last work, in time with you. The reason why this drama catches my attention is because I am really curious about this historical figure, Lan Ling Wang. That said, drama being drama, is of course not truly historically correct. Frankly I was hoping for some pretty boy to portray Lan Ling Wang. However, Feng Shao Feng pairing with Ariel in this acting is refreshing. The leads and supporting actors are amazing, I like the props too, definitely not a budget production in my eyes. Ending? Hmm, OK, Ariel character (Xue Wu) ends up with Lan Ling Wang but not for long (her character dies in the last episode).  Leads: Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng, Daniel Chan.

Cui Can Ren Sheng/Shining Days: 3.8/5. Chance upon it and is currently into it as well. I have never seen any of the leads previous work, except for Peter Ho (even if I did, they probably didn’t leave a deep impression). Leads: Li Qin, Peter Ho, Michael Zhang, Kan Zi Qing.

Agent X: 3.7/5. Not exactly your Mr & Mrs Smith action. Some parts do make you hold your breadth but others seemed so fake. Some props look a little ridiculous as well (the one locking one’s head, like a birdcage). Granted that the drama context is supposed to be not so modernized. I actually like Lv Yi protrayal in this drama. Leads: Luo JIn, Tang Yan. Supporting leads: Lv Yi, Zhang Xi Lin.

Le Jun Kai: 3/5. Janine and Peter Ho pairing again. Very short drama with only 9 episodes. No good ending.

Hua Kai Ban Xia: 4/5. Melodrama, worth watching. In fact, more publicity should be given to this drama. Your Romeo & Juliet ending, and plot.

Flowers in Fog: 2.5/5. Same writer but I really prefer the classic princess pearl(My Fair Princess). Great casting in terms of numbers, great scenery, but predictable plots. Mystery? Not really. Romantic? probably in fairytales. Also, I think there is over acting(exaggeration) in the leads, especially Zhang Rui and Li Sheng. I couldn’t feel that their characters are in pain even though they are.

Jing Zhong Yue Fei: 3/5. Great acting. But now I almost forget what the plot is. A bit too long, too many episodes. A show about men to sum up. Unless you are a big fan of Huang Xiaoming, you probably will be sick of this drama towards the end.

Jing Guo Da Jiang Jun: 3.2/5. Not bad. I actually managed to sit through it.


Master’s Sun: 4/5. I am so in love with this drama. A fine balance of horror and humour. The touch of humour in the speeches so updated. IU is mentioned, runningman is mentioned. Even down to the costume that GongSil wears (the tee bearing the word LOSER) for that scene is so apt! Lead: So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin. Supporting: Seo In guk, Kim Yoo Ri.

Gu Family Book: 3.9/5. Vast improvements from Suzy. As compared to her dream high acting, her acting here seemed more expressive and natural. I think the ending is pretty neutral, and probably if the scriptwriter wants they can continue the story from the ending. Leads: Suzy from MissA, Lee Seung Gi.

Birth Secret: 4/5. 16 episodes but heartwarming. Not your young idol dramas and probably a little underrated but definitely worth watching. Happy Ending. Leads: Sung Yu Ri, Yoo Joon Sang, Kal So Won.

Queen’s Classroom: 3/5. Alright, watch a bunch of kids acting and how they cope with their form teacher (a devil mannered, angel hearted). Leads: Ko Hyun Jung(teacher Ma), Kim Sae Ron(yay!), Kim Hyang Gi, Chun Bo Geun. PLus points: Cuteness of the kids. Minus points: You can simply watched and forget, no hook.

I Miss You: 4/5. Fall in love with Yoon Eun Hye in her acting again. Wasn’t a fan of Mickey (JYJ), and neither is now but I think he did a good job.  Yoo Seung Ho definitely made a remarkable transformation from a child actor to a leading actor. His acting skills is comparable to a veteran actor, especially the emotions portrayal. Happy ending.

Who Are You: Ongoing. Probably I’m giving it a bit of injustice as I can’t helped but to compare it with Master Sun that is ongoing as well. Decision? Go for Master Sun, can skip this if you want not that the acting isn’t good but just not as enjoyable. Leads: 2pm Tacyeon, So Yi Hyun, Kim Jae Wook ( I wouldn’t think he is lead, more like supporting since he is a ghost, appear not as much).

Goddess of Fire: 3.6/5. I think I’m still quite disappointed in Moon Geun Young choice of script. I am still left at the spot where she did Cinderella Stepsister. Alright, I watched this because of Lee Kwang Soo(What?! I can’t believe it too!). Not too much concern with Moon’s character trying to become the best ceramic maker. Which Saeguk drama isn’t something along this line? Most are! Is there nothing else to offer to the audience?

I hear your voice: 4/5. Fantastic! Awesome cast and acting and plot! There’s suspense and humour. Age really isn’t a major consideration. After watching, I don’t find anyone that bad or evil, I think you can sympathize with each character. Leads: Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Da Hae, Yoon Sang Hyun.

Heirs: Upcoming. Yes, watching due to Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho. Can’t wait to see this pairing.

Good Doctor: ongoing. Watched a bit skipped a bit. Probably might end up dropping this.


A good wife: 3.8/5. Generally pleasant to watch. Close to normal daily life, and probably also the reason why there seemed to no WOW factor.

KO One Re-acts: 3/5. I watched to follow up with the previous. But for preference I prefer the previous where nobody has any superpowers.

Dandelion Love: 3/5. Average performance with average plot.


The dream makers: 3.7/5. Good efforts but fall short if compared with overseas drama.

Sudden: Ongoing. DISMISS. A refreshing pairing of Romeo and Rui En. Worth a watch. I hope to see how each different cases(seemed independent) are linked up to the first case. But after watching, I felt disappointed.

If you are wondering why no HK drama simply because alot of these actors went to China to film and act. The left behinds are newbies. Seemed that HK drama is losing its charm.