2014 dramas ratings

If you noticed, over the years, I’ve been really short in my posts with this. First, I’ve been considering to shut this blog down, but it would put my efforts when I first started into waste! Second, this site is really a leisure project ‘baby’ of mine, but I do not want to make it like a chore to myself. Yet, sometimes, I can’t help that when I felt like deleting this, there’s a part of me that feel I should continue sharing.

K-drama (Korea): 

Man from the stars: 4.2/5. Shan’t spoil this, go watch it yourself!

Sly and single again: dropped. Very similar to Emergency Couple. Even though one is in the hospital another in office setting.I really want to finish it but with the other dramas, it seemed to naturally fall out of my radar.

Century Bride: 2.5/5. I’m amazed I’ve actually completed this. If it wasn’t lesser than 20 episodes I doubt I would finish it. Plus, it’s Hongki that I’m watching for.

God’s Gift 14 days: 4.5/5. Wonderful. If you like the complexity of Inception, you would appreciate this. You might wanna check out Lee Bo Young’s previous work I can hear your voice, I like it as well. Full of twists, and less focus on romance, yet action filled,  adorable kid, what more do you want?

Empress Ki: 4.2/5. Satisfying. Never boring. From the plot, to the couples, to the costumes, and props, very good. As good as Queen Seon Deok.

Dr Stranger: 4/5I like the plot, how some question marks are placed in your head like, what happened after the leads were separated on the bridge and the in between 2 years. So is the secretary a good/bad guy? What about Park’s Mum is she dead or not? Good replacement after Empress Ki has finished. 

I’ve heard from comments that the whole plot is confusing and stuff, but honestly, don’t think too much into the plot, and you won’t be lost. At least I’m not as lost in this than Triangle. Happy ending is good enough.

Triangle: droppedI’m interested enough due to the casting, but am totally clueless what’s happening in episode 1. Like how the characters linked to one another, other than first coincidental meeting on the street. 

Why did I drop? I guessed simply too busy with the other dramas to watch.

Liar Game: 4.2/5. I’ve haven’t seen the Japanese version, so I can’t make a comparison. Yet, I’m intrigue by the plot enough and the bad face, Shin Sung Rok. Perhaps he can consider a role in which he plays someone with a marshmallow heart like Nam Da Jung in the drama but unfortunately has a crook face. If you dislike him in Man from the Stars, you will know how “evil” he can be in this drama, just that it’s a tad higher and sleeker and more sneaky. In fact I was first drawn to the plot and second to Kim So Eun after watching her on We got Married with Song Jae Rim.

High Schooler King of Life: 3.5/5. Meant for those who needs a high school refresher, and the hot blood in you. 

The Spring Day of My Life: 3.2/5. Sad ending but not to the extent that you will grab boxes of tissues ad cry your heart out.  But I mean you can expect this ending given the casting. Sooyoung fan might enjoy this though. However, if she were to take another role in the future, perhaps don’t play the role of a patient again? This is a second time she did such similar roles.

Bad Guys: 4/5. Loving it. Wonder how the criminals are connected and who is the ultimate mastermind. Drawn to the plot rather than cast initially but now I think I’m drawn to both. Action packed drama with all the fist fighting, and apparently, anything can be a weapon of choice, even pencils.

Birth of a Beauty: 3/5. 200 pounds of Beauty is literally hinting at you. Of course this is different given one is film and this is drama. Plus, it has a little of Lie to Me element in the plot I think. What else are lies and secrets that Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) is keeping from Sara (Han Ye Seul)? Will they end up failing to get their love ones back and I guess more likely that they will fall for each other in their “revenge”.

Reset: ???. I really want to watch this properly, but couldn’t find the complete drama online. Guess got to wait for the discs to be out. 

C-drama (China and HongKong, since most A grade Hong Kong artiste have went into and participated in China’s drama) dramas: 

Return of Daughter (千金归来): 3.8/5. I like the backstabbing in the plot among the family. Weird? But that’s what I recall. Your typical rich, handsome/beauty pairing love story.

Scarlet Heart 2: 3/5. I’m in fact disappointed. There’s supposed to be more logic, but apparently it has failed to live up to the expectations of Scarlet heart 1. Wait so long and yet this is the standard a consumer/drama viewer gets (then WHY THE LONG WAIT, HELLO?!). Basically the whole storyline simple tries to mirror the storyline of Scarlet Heart 1, so kinda can expect how the story would flow, like who will die next.

Perfect Couple: 3.5/5. I like the comedy, but sadly it ends midway, and the rest is so much like other idol drama, nothing creative, even the baddie also not wicked enough I felt.

Song of Desert: Ongoing. Eddie Peng and Cecilia Liu. Ages since Eddie is in drama. 

The Virtuous Queen of Han: 3.8/5. Okay, it’s considered very very mild as compared to other dramas regarding life in the imperial palace. Plus, it’s not following strictly to the history which is kinda expected like these days how many period dramas follow the history closely? There’s some fantasy and spices added to make the drama more appealing for period drama.

T-drama (Taiwan): 

Deja Vu: 3/5. It’s only 1 episode per week, kinda breaks the momentum. And the recent episodes are getting too dry for me with their conversation.Towards the end I kinda felt the acting couldn’t hold the emotions anymore. It’s like you don’t feel for the character anymore.

First Kiss: 3/5. Hopefully the plot can keep up. Otherwise I might dismiss this. Towards the later part, the storyline seemed to be weaker.

Fall in love with me: 3/5. A little comedy and romance in the urban setting, similar to Perfect Couple genre. General nothing much to make it outstanding.

Only if I love you: 3.5/5. Somehow I felt a little like watching Romeo & Juliet. Probably due to the setting and backdrop where parts of the drama is filmed at. So far so good, even if the plot isn’t good enough, at least the setting, the costumes would make you distracted enough that you wouldn’t pay as much attention to the storyline/missed the illogical parts of the storyline.

X Lies: 4/5. Loved Ella and the dark side of this plot. Started off really well. Then towards the end tried to have twists but felt very forceful to me, doesn’t come naturally and end up like k-drama exaggeration.

Teacher Gangstar: Initially I thought the plot is interesting, but I couldn’t sit through till the 18th episode.


Line Walker: 4.5/5. Finally 1 HK drama for the year! Charmaine and Raymond! Wow wow wow, yes they aren’t young, and given the influx of HK actors and actresses joining China dramas, it’s really hard for HK drama to attract me to it. But the plot and them is like a glimmer in the overcast sky. It’s kinda funny too. Meant for those who needs a good laugh and yet not to miss some actions. 

On a side note, I have finished Teen Wolf Season 3, I loved the plot but Allison is dead! This season is definitely one of the best.


I’ve watched Cobu by Boa and Derrek. Man, the dance moves are AWESOME!!! but the plot is average.