What’s happening?

by dramasians

I actually gotta retype this, cause while I was about done, the Explorer crashed! ARGH! My flow of words disrupted.


Okay so I shall go straight to the point.

K drama currently watching, God’s Gift 14 days, Empress Ki, Emergency Couple. The order to watch is A MUST for the God’s Gift, Empress Ki (only if you like historical drama, it’s a bit long, and after the badass old man die, the attraction of this drama kinda dies down a bit for me). Emergency Couple is lukewarm, not your typical high end cast (but there’s Song Ji Hyo), if I can watched that ceramic drama starring Kwang Soo, I can survive this, though I didn’t really like Ji Hyo’s Mandate of Heaven. Similar to Emergency Couple is SLY AND SINGLE AGAIN, also currently airing. But if you ask me to choose, I would go for Emergency Couple.

Other K-drama: MAN FROM THE STARS. One word, HOT! Alien and top actress love story in short, but the conversation in the drama is so damn hilarious.

Past K-drama(last year): Personally felt THE HEIRS is a little overrated. Perhaps credit to the cast but really, I cannot appreciate the plot. MASTER SUN is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This drama is a light hearted ghost encounter, romantic story.

And I am recommending,

VARIETY SHOW: I AM A SINGER season 2 (China edition). The older singers are simply great, and as expected. But the younger generation are what to look out for – Zhang Jie (Jason), Shila ( A Malay lady singing Mandarin songs, her efforts and foresight you must credit her for it. She has powerful vocals.), and G.E.M ( a HongKong singer). Among these 3, G.E.M is my bias. Well, simply because she is talented, got vocals, skills and looks, plus she is so young and can perform to this standard is like WOW. I’m really looking forward to what she will sing in the finals. She reminded me of Taylor Swift. So if G.E.M sings Swift’s song, you can be guaranteed I will glue myself to the couch. It would be interesting how a guitar arrangement song (Swift) can be transformed in the hands of G.E.M to make it G.E.M’s own distinctive song, I like her arrangement (or rather Lupo’s) for Jay Chou’s song and some others. I wasn’t following the show from the start and I don’t know who is G.E.M before the show. It happened that one of her competition song is the most viewed in my country, and I thought that title of the song is one that I knew of, out of curiosity I went to check it out. Only to find out that the song she sang is in Cantonese, which I don’t even understand! But somehow, I find it pleasing to my ears. From then on, this lady is in my radar. HA.