by dramasians

After a long wait of like 3 years, Scarlet Heart 2 finally aired. BUT, I am not as excited after watching the first few episodes. Ok, sure, there’s a good cast but the plot seemed so screwed! Not logical to the emotions the characters should be feeling. The only part that hooked me was to find out the background of the supermodel, Lan lan like how she and Zhang Xiao (played by Liu Shi Shi as well) got separated, and what exactly did Lan Lan underwent in life, what’s her motive? The rest of the plot is simply trying to link/unlink Scarlet 1 and 2 together ( which I must say is terrible), eg. Got electrocuted  and lost memory of what happened in Scarlet 1, or she merely is a drama addict (like me) of Scarlet 1? Which do you want us (drama viewers to believe, scriptwriter? Please don’t confuse us…)

I would in fact opt to watch Perfect Couple by Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan) and Wallace Huo. A comedy romance. It’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be, there’s actually some thoughts in the storyline.

Then, there’s another period drama, Gong 3 (Gong Suo Lian Cheng). Initially it seemed okay, it’s a drama that I watched to keep myself occupied while waiting fervently for Scarlet Heart 2. But the recent episodes, the editing seemed haywire, the link from episode to episode seemed to have been cut away.

For Taiwan drama, I’m surprised I’m actually watching Fall in Love With me by Aaron Yan and one of the girls from DREAM GIRLS( yes, it’s a Taiwan girl group). Thus far, it seemed quite well paced. Another Taiwan drama I’m watching is First Kiss. I’m actually amused why the English title of these 2 dramas differ from the Chinese Title. If you asked me which I preferred, the former.


Kdrama, 14 days God’s Gift. It has finished airing and is definitely worthy of your time. I’m satisfied with the ending, you can guess it whatever you like a little hint is the ending felt a little like INCEPTION (the movie).

I’m contemplating whether to watch Kdrama, Hotel King/Angel’s eye. Any suggestion?