2015 Drama Ratings

Started the year with some dramas, but quite a number mid way gave up.


Wu Mei Niang: DROPPED. Initially okay, with the promise of grand it sure delivers, but then the palace politics seemed so shabby, not bloody enough I guess, and seriously I pity the bad girls more than the lead actress, Fan Bing Bing.

It outlasts me. It’s grand setting but I’ve lost the interest.

My Sunshine: 3/5. The plot isn’t anything close to your normal idol series, but somehow I find the cinematic works very artistic. No mushy lines from what I recalled, but more life like  conversation. It is so normal and reflective of a present day to day living but yet it has this strange element that can get you hook. Oh, in case you are wondering what the storyline is, basically it’s about a university young couple being reunited 7 years later, and the process of reunion. No hair tearing, girls screaming fighting over your guy kind of plot. Subtle yet rich. Happy ending. There will be a movie on this coming out, but not as looking forward to it.

My Amazing Bride: 3.8/5. Modern comedy in a history setting. Quite passé storyline, but awesome cast.

Cruel Romance: 3.2/5. Not really that cruel as the title suggests. Basically it’s just miscommunication, and suspicions that cause the leads to be separated and then the baddie gets what he wants. It’s a happy ending though. Also, not very romantic (definitely not up to the Kdrama standard) I felt, may be for that era it is.

The Four: ongoing. Seriously, there should more mysteries to solve, more complex plot than the romance line. A little injustice to The Four. Prefer both the movie and the Hong Kong Version. More thinking should be needed and not just serve it so simply to audience. Plus, the costumes and props aren’t so fantastic. Even the effects seemed quite bad, I know it’s fake but can it be shown not so fake?




Pinnochio: 4/5. Starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. I have been watching Jong Suk dramas, and I must say he picks very interesting character to play. I do feel Park’s acting seemed to be at a stage where she’s facing a road block, really want to see her in a role that is vastly different from all the roles she has taken so far. More angst or a darker side of her, not just the act pity, poor gone rich, act cute kind of stuff which she already has played before.

Storyline is based on reporters, revolving behind the scenes and cases reported in the news.


Healer: 4/5. Really like City Hunter, but also another story based on reporters. So you can say City Hunter + Pinnochio = Healer. Starring Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook.


School 2015: ongoing. About twins, one dead, the other mistakenly initially but now posing as her twin (you actually can’t fault her for doing this, go and watch it to learn why shan’t spoil it here). How will this story develops? The cast are pretty young and fresh actors to me except perhaps some veteran (the teachers) and Kim So Hyun.


Angry Mom: 3.8/5. Not that convince of Kim Hee Sun as a high schooler but the mannerism she had, and impulsiveness does make her seemed like she is a teenager, and of course there’s some laughter top. I guess she is just staying true to the title of the drama with her portrayal. Kim Yoo Jung and B1A4 Baro (in fact I quite like Baro’s acting in God Gift’s 9 Days and here) are consider the supporting lead I supposed, just find their screen time a little lacking.

Girl who sees smell: Ongoing. The leads aren’t why I catch this drama. Been watching it on and off, (Selective episodes). Just for the plot if I manage to view it. Somehow felt that by watching the first two episodes, and the last two might be sufficient to know what actually happened. Maybe the pace is a little slow for a detective story for me. Been back on my radar after Angry Mom ended, and it’s just nice, ,given now the killer is known and how the cops are trying to nab him.

Blood: 3.8/5. I like the twist in the plot from the usual vampire story, like how it’s not the bite, and that the cause is a virus turn wrong, not the typical Twilight kind of thing.

Hyde Jekyll Me: 3/5. Simple, straightforward, not very cunning baddie. Kind of similar to the girl who see smell. Someone with no memory of the baddie, the baddie are professional doctor/chef who just so happen to be around so close to their victim all the time.

Producer: Ongoing. Thus far, felt somewhat disappointed by the storyline.

Orange Marmalade: Ongoing. Have seen online how people said they are expecting this drama based on the webtoon and manga. While waiting for it to be out, I tried to search and read the manga, but kind of disappointed by the lack of action, and exaggerated love portrayal. After watching the two episodes of this drama, I must say the drama has made the plot more condense and better paced. Definitely looking forward to watch this than Producer every week. Vampire high school style. How will this play out?

Scholar who walks the night: upcoming. Did the drama land knows I’m addicted to this genre, vampire story right now? So so so looking forward to this. Better not fail me like The Producers does.

I’m really expecting Yoo Seung Ho to be back in drama land too.