School’s IN!

by dramasians

Looking at those Kdrama kids growing up and now sort of becoming their own leads really remind me how old I’ve became. It seemed that this season is School theme.

Before that, kid no, manly Yoo Seung Ho is gonna be returning on screen! Still can remember his “Missing You” drama with Yoon Eun Hye. A role well done before he enlisted in the military. Kind of looking forward to his drama.

Moving on to other kids, there’s Angry Mom, Kim Yoo Jung, (she still look cuter as a kid in hanbok, personal preference of mine) but not too bad as a teenager. Ended up falling for the “Gong Ju” actress in the drama than the kids or Kim Hee Sun. Living her dream indeed “Gong Ju nim~”.

Another kid actress is Kim Yoo Jung’s counterpart in Moon Embrance the Sun, Kim So Hyun, now starring in School 2015. I like how School 2015 is thus far, and I gotta say, So Hyun’s legs are really slim and long (or is their skirt too short???) I didn’t like her in Moon Embrace the Son, cause she doesn’t have the cute features, find her acceptable in “Missing You”, but definitely much improvement in School 2015. Wonder is it because of the pressure as lead actress? Plus, the uniform looks good.

Upcoming will be a vampire school story (Orange Marmalade) from Yeo Jin Goo (another kid turn adult actor). These 3 kids are often seen on screen together. I’m gonna watch the first two episodes first before I decide whether to continue watching further. Have just finished “Blood” by Ku Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee, Ahn Jae Hyeon. I cannot stand Ku’s dressing and hairstyle in this drama, but I love the make up of the vampire face. Ji Jin Hee totally pulled of the bad guy role.

Not to forget a not too recent school series by Kim Sae Ron, High School, Love On! Angel turn human high school girl plot. Her acting is as usual, but felt somewhat pulled down by the plot. Maybe she can consider her drama roles better next time. 

If there’s a drama that pulls all these kids turn actors and actresses together it will be great chemistry plus pitting of their accumulated acting skills, hopefully a healthy one.