by dramasians

Recently started watching this variety survival kpop contest.

These bunch of kids/teens are really young. I like the assignments given to them, it’s like interview questions.

Mission 1: Are you a star?  ( similar to interview question: Do you have the qualities for this job?)

Upon seeing their individual performance, the deepest first impression will be from 1) Sana, 2) Dahyun, 4) Jungyeon 3) Natty(privilege of being the last contestant on stage).

Quite agree with JYP’s decision to promote those to MAJOR after the first mission, except for Chaeyoung. It’s seemed JYP is helping her by giving a reason why she dances the cover of all other girls group rather than she explaining it herself. It’s like she is kind of clueless. Sheer luck I felt. In fact, on her performance, I think she should do better by showcasing her own personality into the dance cover, not simply micmicking the dances of other girls group (kind of lack sincerity just copying, and definitely felt she choose an easier job compared to the rest of the girls).

Felt Momo and TzuYu would do better if placed in a group. They exudes the same style to me, plus really look about the same age in terms of appearance. Mina also seemed to fit into this group better.


Putting performance aside, if you are looking for idol (eye candy), I think the following people seemed more distinguish/stand out.

1) Somi, 2) Dahyun, 3) Nayeon, 4) Jihyo, 5) Jungyeon.

Some criticism has been online regarding Nayeon, saying she is arrogant, overconfident etc. She got that ex SNSD, Jessica Jung vibe. However, I think it’s necessary to feel good about her own capability. After all, this is the celebrity job, they must first have enough faith in themselves, which though Somi sometimes seemed to lack, except for when she is doing photoshoot (Perhaps if she cannot debut, Somi might try modelling instead, she seemed to have a flair for it). Her appearance also reminds me of Emily from Chinese Idol Season 2. They lookalike, but Emily is more bubbly.


Jihyo has also been criticised for size, esp during the photoshoot, and I haven’t find her voice very mesmerising either but at least I don’t have a problem recognising her face. She fits into 15& group. The problem with the K-entertainment industry, they got artiste who look so alike. I remembered when I watched Dream High, I though Suzy is IU. Heard of IU’s song first before I even know Suzy and Miss A.


Jungyeon I guessed her shorter hairstyle does help in face recognition. While her performance on Saxophone isn’t that impressive at least it makes the impact, something different (unlike just dance and sing). While somebody did sing her own composed song, which is Minyoung I think, but really, after watching the whole batch of performance, you would easily have forgotten this composed, demure girl.


Natty might not be the “cute” little girl you expect. Kind of felt she is acting a little to cover her ambitious, trying to emphasis her young age to gain more supporters. For once, I can see she enjoyed the stage, but when she pluck the sixteen necklace off, it seemed that it is plain inconsiderate/a little rude. She can do it more gently like what others did. Probably lack of experience for her age to handle such stuff.


For those I never mentioned the names, it’s either 1) they doesn’t stand out, 2) I can’t recognise their faces or both.


Overall, I think it might be more interesting than the YG Winner reality show.