The Producer First Impression

by dramasians

I like many others is lured to this drama by the casting.

However, I barely survived the first two episodes.

1) Perhaps if I have understand Korean I might be able to catch the “jokes” better

2) For a moment I thought I there was tremor or I suffered slight headache wight he camera footwork (super shaky) during the scene when the actor and and actress playing the PD roles are having a drink in their home.

3) If it’s about introduction of the characters in these episodes , felt it is leaned towards Hyo Jin character more than any other characters. Yes, I like her in Master Sun, but if there are four leads, at least give enough camera time to each. Felt IU role and scenes are so little in these 2 episodes.

4) Pace is painfully slow. Nearly felt asleep watching past the half way mark.

Will I still watch it? Depends on how the story unfolds. Not much mystery anyway. Didn’t even have any expectation for the storyline. Seriously, overseas companies shouldn’t be so quick to buy the board cast rights. Maybe the Koreans can relate to the story better, since it’s about their local entertainment industry. Overseas viewers like us might felt a bit lost at some of those PD names, or show titles mentioned in this drama.