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After a long wait of like 3 years, Scarlet Heart 2 finally aired. BUT, I am not as excited after watching the first few episodes. Ok, sure, there’s a good cast but the plot seemed so screwed! Not logical to the emotions the characters should be feeling. The only part that hooked me was to find out the background of the supermodel, Lan lan like how she and Zhang Xiao (played by Liu Shi Shi as well) got separated, and what exactly did Lan Lan underwent in life, what’s her motive? The rest of the plot is simply trying to link/unlink Scarlet 1 and 2 together ( which I must say is terrible), eg. Got electrocuted  and lost memory of what happened in Scarlet 1, or she merely is a drama addict (like me) of Scarlet 1? Which do you want us (drama viewers to believe, scriptwriter? Please don’t confuse us…)

I would in fact opt to watch Perfect Couple by Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan) and Wallace Huo. A comedy romance. It’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be, there’s actually some thoughts in the storyline.

Then, there’s another period drama, Gong 3 (Gong Suo Lian Cheng). Initially it seemed okay, it’s a drama that I watched to keep myself occupied while waiting fervently for Scarlet Heart 2. But the recent episodes, the editing seemed haywire, the link from episode to episode seemed to have been cut away.

For Taiwan drama, I’m surprised I’m actually watching Fall in Love With me by Aaron Yan and one of the girls from DREAM GIRLS( yes, it’s a Taiwan girl group). Thus far, it seemed quite well paced. Another Taiwan drama I’m watching is First Kiss. I’m actually amused why the English title of these 2 dramas differ from the Chinese Title. If you asked me which I preferred, the former.


Kdrama, 14 days God’s Gift. It has finished airing and is definitely worthy of your time. I’m satisfied with the ending, you can guess it whatever you like a little hint is the ending felt a little like INCEPTION (the movie).

I’m contemplating whether to watch Kdrama, Hotel King/Angel’s eye. Any suggestion?

What’s happening?

I actually gotta retype this, cause while I was about done, the Explorer crashed! ARGH! My flow of words disrupted.


Okay so I shall go straight to the point.

K drama currently watching, God’s Gift 14 days, Empress Ki, Emergency Couple. The order to watch is A MUST for the God’s Gift, Empress Ki (only if you like historical drama, it’s a bit long, and after the badass old man die, the attraction of this drama kinda dies down a bit for me). Emergency Couple is lukewarm, not your typical high end cast (but there’s Song Ji Hyo), if I can watched that ceramic drama starring Kwang Soo, I can survive this, though I didn’t really like Ji Hyo’s Mandate of Heaven. Similar to Emergency Couple is SLY AND SINGLE AGAIN, also currently airing. But if you ask me to choose, I would go for Emergency Couple.

Other K-drama: MAN FROM THE STARS. One word, HOT! Alien and top actress love story in short, but the conversation in the drama is so damn hilarious.

Past K-drama(last year): Personally felt THE HEIRS is a little overrated. Perhaps credit to the cast but really, I cannot appreciate the plot. MASTER SUN is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This drama is a light hearted ghost encounter, romantic story.

And I am recommending,

VARIETY SHOW: I AM A SINGER season 2 (China edition). The older singers are simply great, and as expected. But the younger generation are what to look out for – Zhang Jie (Jason), Shila ( A Malay lady singing Mandarin songs, her efforts and foresight you must credit her for it. She has powerful vocals.), and G.E.M ( a HongKong singer). Among these 3, G.E.M is my bias. Well, simply because she is talented, got vocals, skills and looks, plus she is so young and can perform to this standard is like WOW. I’m really looking forward to what she will sing in the finals. She reminded me of Taylor Swift. So if G.E.M sings Swift’s song, you can be guaranteed I will glue myself to the couch. It would be interesting how a guitar arrangement song (Swift) can be transformed in the hands of G.E.M to make it G.E.M’s own distinctive song, I like her arrangement (or rather Lupo’s) for Jay Chou’s song and some others. I wasn’t following the show from the start and I don’t know who is G.E.M before the show. It happened that one of her competition song is the most viewed in my country, and I thought that title of the song is one that I knew of, out of curiosity I went to check it out. Only to find out that the song she sang is in Cantonese, which I don’t even understand! But somehow, I find it pleasing to my ears. From then on, this lady is in my radar. HA.



NEW dramas

Recently, I’ve found that the time travel phenomenon has moved to Korea(from Cdrama). Kdramas with time travellers, mainly male protagonist. 2 kdramas with time travellers, (1) Queen In Hyun’s Man & (2) Dr Jin.

I’m pretty impress by these 2 dramas, especially Dr Jin. When Dr Jin wasn’t aired yet,  Queen got my fullest attention. But Dr Jin’s plot, and perhaps a little gory scenes (operation cuts) surpassed Queen when comparing these 2 dramas of similar genres. Not to mention that the cast of Dr Jin, Park Min Young(Sungkyunkwan Scandal & City Hunter) and Song Seung Hun(Autumn Tale & Summer Scent) are definitely well known eye candies.

For those who can’t get enough of body switching, that of Secret Garden, consider BIG (yes this is a drama title).

Lack Laughter? Try A Gentlemen Dignity, which I half suspected the targeted audience is later teens/young adults.

Tdrama is still pretty much lacking in plot, but maybe one will like Alice in Wondercity, slightly similar to Beethoven Virus (kdrama).

Cdrama post production takes some time before the drama is finally aired. So meanwhile, wait patiently.


Been a while, and yes, 2012 is another year full of dramas. Brand new start, new expectations, which are those that is worthy to watch?

Instead of doing episodes summary/drama information, there’s a new change. I’m adopting the traffic light system.

Disappointing dramas , you shouldn’t watch at all, are in red titles.

All other titles in blue. 

Ongoing in green title, approval that yes, you should/could watch now.

Upcoming drama is in yellow. 



Dramas to watch…

After a long wait, I’ve finally watched Startling each step. You can find the Full episodes RAW online.

So what’s next? After the above drama you will definitely need some lighthearted drama.

If you like dream high, and Beethoven Virus, then Do watch The Musical by Goo Hye-Sun(boys over flowers) and Daniel Choi.Warrior Baek Dong Soo I won’t exactly recommend it, unless you are looking for some action film.

Though Poseidon seemed to be an action packed drama, with super junior Choi Siwon(yes, eye candy) in it, it failed to impress me.

Ongoing Tdrama:

By Ariel Lin & Chen Bo Ran, In time with you. Similar type of drama will be My queen (2009 drama). Yellow Ribbon Love not too bad if you kind of miss girl being boy(you’re beautiful, Hana Kimi) that kind of drama.

Ongoing HK drama: Man with no shadows. I’m guessing that it might be something like Death note. Have yet to watch, but will love to.


What’s worth waiting to watch?

  • Heavy hearted drama: Love Rain(Kdrama, starring Jang guen suk & SNSD Yoona). Think it’s gonna be heavy hearted coz the same scriptwritiers produced winter sonata.
  • Thousand day Promise (Kdrama)Simply love the pairing. Su Ae impressed me with Athena, and Kim Rae Won with Love Story in Harvard. I’m sure they can pull off the drama. Probably heavy hearted too.
  • (Tdrama) Going Home. War torn drama. Obviously something about family.Casts: Vic Chou, Janine Chang I may compare it with Road No. 1 by Kim Haneul & So Ji sub.
  • (Tdrama) 真心请按两次铃 (not sure the english title though). Casts: Peter Ho, Janine Chang. Something similar to Autumn’s Concerto in 2008.

Recent Completed drama:

  • Startling by each step(C): 4.5/5, sad ending
  • Lives of Omission(HK): 4/5,  sad ending
  • Love you(T): 3.5/5, Happy ending
  • Hayate the Combat Butler(T): 3/5, Happy ending


Another actor in an ongoing drama that I’m watching is involved in a car accident. First it is Park Shin Hye in YOu’ve fallen for me. Then now Yoo Seung Ho in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. I’m loving this drama slowly, so hopefully they will recover fast.

City Hunter has ended, so has Wax and Wane. Though he former impress me better than the latter.

Anticipating Tree With deep roots (Queen Seon deok production team) in Sept, and Man of Honour (if cast is confirmed, with gd production team that did Baker King) in Oct.

Naturally there’s some disappointment. Especially Startling each step which was rumoured to air in July but now, in Sept! ARGH. More waits.