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Been a while, and yes, 2012 is another year full of dramas. Brand new start, new expectations, which are those that is worthy to watch?

Instead of doing episodes summary/drama information, there’s a new change. I’m adopting the traffic light system.

Disappointing dramas , you shouldn’t watch at all, are in red titles.

All other titles in blue. 

Ongoing in green title, approval that yes, you should/could watch now.

Upcoming drama is in yellow. 



Peeling my eyes open…

Dramas that I’m actually looking out for,

  • Kdrama: Lie with me (yoon eun hye & Kang Ji Hwan, it’s been a while since Yoon last work, therefore looking forward. And I really like Kang’s comedy slapstick)
  • Kdrama: You’re Into Me (aftemath of Go Mi Nam and ) Given they aren’t together in You’re beautiful drama, it really makes those in favour of the 2 to see how’s their chemistry after so long off screen.
  • K-T drama: Hayate the Combat Butler. Manga adopted haven’t reallyappeal me so far. Wouldn’t be surprised that I might dropped this drama completely if the first episode doesn’t impress me much
  • C-drama: Startling each step (just to make comparison with Palace locked heart)
  • C-HK drama: Emperor’s Harlem( Should be a big work, been quite some time since I last watched Tavia in a historical drama).

Ongoing dramas:

  • K drama: The Duo (just looking for the ending. Rating wise so far  I will give it a 3/5)
  • K drama: Can you hear my heart (heart warming, but may climb for the better as the drama goes on)
  • T drama: Love You (stated earlier, it’s because the beginning isn’t bad, though there controversy with regards to the director, but the cast is pretty good)
  • HK drama: Yes Sir No Sir (Need some Comedy. )
  • HK drama: Relic of an emissary (Much like palace conflict. Been watching some lately)

Paused drama: Really wanted to watch it properly than rush through

  • 49 days (wanted to watch it concurrently with a Singapore past drama, With you.Similar plot of soul sharing?)

Past dramas

As a TV fanatic, It’s no wonder that sometimes there are so many dramas that you would missed out dramas where you don’t know the cast, but yet there’s wonderful plot. Normally I would watch dramas based on 1) actors involved, 2) plot.

There are some actors who I only watched their previous works if I came to identify them (gaining popularity now) . Examples of dramas I missed which I think is worth watching, Return of Ijimae, Baker King Kim Tak Goo.

Searching for a singapore drama titled With you (also about soul switching I think). Which happens to be the famous plot/trend in dramas today.



Episodes: 20

Featuring: Chen Han Wei, Rui En, Terance Cao, Thomas Ong, Yvonne Lim



Year 2007 production. I seldom watched Singapore dramas nowadays but this is the best work of police story with actions and suspense. The plot is remarkable and the actors (many are veterans). Enjoyable show up to the mark of Hong Kong drama, Forensic Heros. Maybe not as much suspense, but twists are there. Adequate enough. Ending I personally don’t feel much emotions though it should be sad…(rather like Korean drama, IRIS for the end where the villians died). But the ending for the latter really got me sighing (partly because of Lee Byung Hun) I guess it’s because I was too engrossed. For this show’s ending, though many innocents died but at least the main casts didn’t. Consider not too bad. I mean even if it’s really a sad ending, I don’t think I would feel the sadness anyway.