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mid review of current dramas

Scarlet heart 2:  ending

1 more episode left but I doubt it would change my rating. Simply said, this drama just leeched the success of Scarlet heart 1. The story isn’t comparable to 1, which is no wonder since they aren’t written by the same person. I was hoping for more mysterious and detailed background of Lan Lan, but then it’s like what’s shown in the trailer (THAT’s ALL). Disappointing series, ad I pity the cast (like so many rainy shots, crying scene, but seriously aren’t necessary after all, they don’t even value add to the show much).


Perfect Couple: ending

Initially I thought it was funny, then, I find I slowly couldn’t tolerate the characters anymore. Typical plot that you can imagine what happened next without much difficulty, not much surprises. And the element of humour went missing as the story proceeds.


Only If I love you: Ongoing

The only reason I’m watching is Li Qin, because I’ve seen her previous work (personally I felt she chose quite good dramas to be on). So far, the idol element (fairytale like romance) is guaranteed. Ignoring this, I’m more interested in the background where the shots were made, the clothing the characters dressed , comes naturally and blend together. There isn’t one character that I particularly dislike yet, so seemed neutral to me. It everything goes well, this drama might even be better than the above 2.


Dr Stranger: Ongoing

LOVE IT. Even the blood looks real (which definitely chinese dramas ought to learn more from, all the computerised graphic effects and details). though some compared it to Kings2heart, but I definitely felt the storyline is better than Kings2heart.

Triangle: Ongoing

I’m totally lost in episode 1, not sure whether to continue watching. Might be in KIV list.


After a long wait of like 3 years, Scarlet Heart 2 finally aired. BUT, I am not as excited after watching the first few episodes. Ok, sure, there’s a good cast but the plot seemed so screwed! Not logical to the emotions the characters should be feeling. The only part that hooked me was to find out the background of the supermodel, Lan lan like how she and Zhang Xiao (played by Liu Shi Shi as well) got separated, and what exactly did Lan Lan underwent in life, what’s her motive? The rest of the plot is simply trying to link/unlink Scarlet 1 and 2 together ( which I must say is terrible), eg. Got electrocuted  and lost memory of what happened in Scarlet 1, or she merely is a drama addict (like me) of Scarlet 1? Which do you want us (drama viewers to believe, scriptwriter? Please don’t confuse us…)

I would in fact opt to watch Perfect Couple by Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan) and Wallace Huo. A comedy romance. It’s actually not as lame as I thought it would be, there’s actually some thoughts in the storyline.

Then, there’s another period drama, Gong 3 (Gong Suo Lian Cheng). Initially it seemed okay, it’s a drama that I watched to keep myself occupied while waiting fervently for Scarlet Heart 2. But the recent episodes, the editing seemed haywire, the link from episode to episode seemed to have been cut away.

For Taiwan drama, I’m surprised I’m actually watching Fall in Love With me by Aaron Yan and one of the girls from DREAM GIRLS( yes, it’s a Taiwan girl group). Thus far, it seemed quite well paced. Another Taiwan drama I’m watching is First Kiss. I’m actually amused why the English title of these 2 dramas differ from the Chinese Title. If you asked me which I preferred, the former.


Kdrama, 14 days God’s Gift. It has finished airing and is definitely worthy of your time. I’m satisfied with the ending, you can guess it whatever you like a little hint is the ending felt a little like INCEPTION (the movie).

I’m contemplating whether to watch Kdrama, Hotel King/Angel’s eye. Any suggestion?

NEW dramas

Recently, I’ve found that the time travel phenomenon has moved to Korea(from Cdrama). Kdramas with time travellers, mainly male protagonist. 2 kdramas with time travellers, (1) Queen In Hyun’s Man & (2) Dr Jin.

I’m pretty impress by these 2 dramas, especially Dr Jin. When Dr Jin wasn’t aired yet,  Queen got my fullest attention. But Dr Jin’s plot, and perhaps a little gory scenes (operation cuts) surpassed Queen when comparing these 2 dramas of similar genres. Not to mention that the cast of Dr Jin, Park Min Young(Sungkyunkwan Scandal & City Hunter) and Song Seung Hun(Autumn Tale & Summer Scent) are definitely well known eye candies.

For those who can’t get enough of body switching, that of Secret Garden, consider BIG (yes this is a drama title).

Lack Laughter? Try A Gentlemen Dignity, which I half suspected the targeted audience is later teens/young adults.

Tdrama is still pretty much lacking in plot, but maybe one will like Alice in Wondercity, slightly similar to Beethoven Virus (kdrama).

Cdrama post production takes some time before the drama is finally aired. So meanwhile, wait patiently.


Been a while, and yes, 2012 is another year full of dramas. Brand new start, new expectations, which are those that is worthy to watch?

Instead of doing episodes summary/drama information, there’s a new change. I’m adopting the traffic light system.

Disappointing dramas , you shouldn’t watch at all, are in red titles.

All other titles in blue. 

Ongoing in green title, approval that yes, you should/could watch now.

Upcoming drama is in yellow. 



Dramas to watch…

After a long wait, I’ve finally watched Startling each step. You can find the Full episodes RAW online.

So what’s next? After the above drama you will definitely need some lighthearted drama.

If you like dream high, and Beethoven Virus, then Do watch The Musical by Goo Hye-Sun(boys over flowers) and Daniel Choi.Warrior Baek Dong Soo I won’t exactly recommend it, unless you are looking for some action film.

Though Poseidon seemed to be an action packed drama, with super junior Choi Siwon(yes, eye candy) in it, it failed to impress me.

Ongoing Tdrama:

By Ariel Lin & Chen Bo Ran, In time with you. Similar type of drama will be My queen (2009 drama). Yellow Ribbon Love not too bad if you kind of miss girl being boy(you’re beautiful, Hana Kimi) that kind of drama.

Ongoing HK drama: Man with no shadows. I’m guessing that it might be something like Death note. Have yet to watch, but will love to.


What’s worth waiting to watch?

  • Heavy hearted drama: Love Rain(Kdrama, starring Jang guen suk & SNSD Yoona). Think it’s gonna be heavy hearted coz the same scriptwritiers produced winter sonata.
  • Thousand day Promise (Kdrama)Simply love the pairing. Su Ae impressed me with Athena, and Kim Rae Won with Love Story in Harvard. I’m sure they can pull off the drama. Probably heavy hearted too.
  • (Tdrama) Going Home. War torn drama. Obviously something about family.Casts: Vic Chou, Janine Chang I may compare it with Road No. 1 by Kim Haneul & So Ji sub.
  • (Tdrama) 真心请按两次铃 (not sure the english title though). Casts: Peter Ho, Janine Chang. Something similar to Autumn’s Concerto in 2008.

Recent Completed drama:

  • Startling by each step(C): 4.5/5, sad ending
  • Lives of Omission(HK): 4/5,  sad ending
  • Love you(T): 3.5/5, Happy ending
  • Hayate the Combat Butler(T): 3/5, Happy ending

current drama updates


Love You ongoing, mid way through

Hayate the Combat Butler, just aired  last week. If you missed Park Shin Hye, watched this.


City Hunter,airing halfway. VERY NICE =)

Upcoming: heartstrings, more of Park Shin Hye. Plus Jung Hwa from CN blue.

Yoo Seung Ho fans, watched out for his drama,Warrier Baek Dong Soo coming up and replacing Lie to Me timeslot.


Wax and Wane, family drama, airing halfway through.

Upcoming, the other truth, law drama.

Peeling my eyes open…

Dramas that I’m actually looking out for,

  • Kdrama: Lie with me (yoon eun hye & Kang Ji Hwan, it’s been a while since Yoon last work, therefore looking forward. And I really like Kang’s comedy slapstick)
  • Kdrama: You’re Into Me (aftemath of Go Mi Nam and ) Given they aren’t together in You’re beautiful drama, it really makes those in favour of the 2 to see how’s their chemistry after so long off screen.
  • K-T drama: Hayate the Combat Butler. Manga adopted haven’t reallyappeal me so far. Wouldn’t be surprised that I might dropped this drama completely if the first episode doesn’t impress me much
  • C-drama: Startling each step (just to make comparison with Palace locked heart)
  • C-HK drama: Emperor’s Harlem( Should be a big work, been quite some time since I last watched Tavia in a historical drama).

Ongoing dramas:

  • K drama: The Duo (just looking for the ending. Rating wise so far  I will give it a 3/5)
  • K drama: Can you hear my heart (heart warming, but may climb for the better as the drama goes on)
  • T drama: Love You (stated earlier, it’s because the beginning isn’t bad, though there controversy with regards to the director, but the cast is pretty good)
  • HK drama: Yes Sir No Sir (Need some Comedy. )
  • HK drama: Relic of an emissary (Much like palace conflict. Been watching some lately)

Paused drama: Really wanted to watch it properly than rush through

  • 49 days (wanted to watch it concurrently with a Singapore past drama, With you.Similar plot of soul sharing?)


Been lured to Chinese historical drama, but I can’t pin point the reason why. Though Chinese dramas are long (in terms of the number of episodes), but I find that the pace isn’t as slow as compared to some Kdrama…Jdramas are by far, short yet to the point. Kdramas, have very nice conversation, and comedy mixed. Well-balanced, though I find it repetitive plot at times a little uncreative. But still, I do look forward to Kdramas, since it’s twice a week for most. So I can get to some other stuffs, but also because it’s only twice a week, tend to break the flow of the drama. Tdrama is more eye-candy for me.  HKdrama has both eye-candy, nice well-paced plot.Though now I see more collaboration of HK-Cdrama. Preferred the old TVB dramas.

Chinese Historical drama has just the most realistic historical backdrop, from the scenery to the props. Though the animation(if any) looks fake (explosion scenes). In fact I’m worried that Chinese historical drama may be too dry for me, but oh well, the latest one ‘palace: locked heart’ proved me wrong. Reminded me of some other time travel series.

time travel series list:

  • A step into the past (HK)
  • 1000 years of love (K)
  •  King of yesterday and tomorrow(HK)
  • The myth not the Jackie Chan movie(C)
  • Palace: Locked heart (C)
  • Holy Pearl: ONGOING in (C)
  • Upcoming: Startling each step (C)

Another trend is the body/soul switching.

  • Secret Garden (K)
  • Just follow law movie (singapore)
  • 49 Days: Ongoing in (K)

Or Girl acts/becomes boy.

No doubt these plots are fresh in the sense it adds another scope to the normal plot of romance, action, comedy. But an overdose can kill. Adpoting similar plot, but yet make it stands out is not easy. I do look forward for 1 that really catches my attention. So far, I find them though interesting, but not realistic/logical enough, which to me is like a loophole in the plot.

New drama recommendation

Gumiho’s revenge is meant for you if you want some heart pumping drama. 🙂

Ghost Writer(Hong Kong) & The M Riders(Taiwan), are under the Other 2010 dramas.

For the list of 2010 dramas on this site, refer to 2010 drama ratings. Enjoy surfing here!


  • One million star legend (taiwan variety show)has knocked out Shane Lai, and the little boy from season 1.


  • Korean drama Bad Guy is only going to resume on 30th June. ARGH!!! All thanks to the world cup. Having quite a long break from watching this drama, it’s difficult to stay tune to it.


  • Korean drama Athena posters are out.


  • Ip Man movie of Ip Man in his teen is showing in cinemas.