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New updates

As stated above. New updates mainly for kdrama. Refer to 2010 drama ratings to view what are some dramas which I’m catching on now.

New drama recommendation

Gumiho’s revenge is meant for you if you want some heart pumping drama. 🙂

Ghost Writer(Hong Kong) & The M Riders(Taiwan), are under the Other 2010 dramas.

For the list of 2010 dramas on this site, refer to 2010 drama ratings. Enjoy surfing here!

OLD Movies


The Secret by Jay Chou. Better than his pandamen drama, and among the movies he acted in, this is his best be it plot wise, casts, and creativity.

Jay’s works: Pandamen, Kungfu Dunk(movie), Curse of the golden flower(movie)


I’ve no idea why but there’s seemed to be a trend recently. Dramas and movies is showcasing war time series, is it because of Cold War/North Korea recent sinking of South Korea naval ship? IRIS and upcoming Athena drama is something about the hostility between both countries. The current Road No 1 drama is a wartime drama, as well as 71 into the fire(movie). All these have their story dated back/based on old times, a period of unrest.

And I found this movie titled,May 18. Again with the story happening in wartime, starring Lee Junki and Queen Seon Deok, Lee Yo Won.

More works of LJK: Winter Snow(movie), Hero(MBC), Ijimae, My Girl

More works of LYW: Queen Seon Deok, Bad love, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee


  • One million star legend (taiwan variety show)has knocked out Shane Lai, and the little boy from season 1.


  • Korean drama Bad Guy is only going to resume on 30th June. ARGH!!! All thanks to the world cup. Having quite a long break from watching this drama, it’s difficult to stay tune to it.


  • Korean drama Athena posters are out.


  • Ip Man movie of Ip Man in his teen is showing in cinemas.

Love is in the air

Recent taiwan/China idol dramas are focusing very much on romance…starting from P.S man to Summer’s Desire and Scent of love. Summer’s Desire versus Scent of love(since both are in episode 4 now), and the former is for audience with a strong taste of sad story. Scent of love is more lighthearted and a little comedian. Acting wise, Summer’s Desire is much stronger compared to Scent of love. Target audience for both shows seemed to be women, given how the plot unfolds for both. I would say Summer’s Desire is more matured in terms of storyline, and the actors can bring you in. While Scent of love seemed a little weak. Nonetheless, looking at stronger leads, them doing well is no surprise, but chances for younger actors come very little, and of course when there’s the opportunity, newbies normally grabbed hold of it rather than wait for a good one least the audience forgets them. Personally I would put them on par, since the ending of the drama is important too.

Scent of love casts:

Summer’s Desire Casts:

For more info, refer to pages>>>>

Within a day



  • Jian Man Shu (簡嫚書) as Lin Yu Jing 林雨菁
  • Zhang Shu Hao as Zhang Fu Hai 張福海
  • Zhang Jie (張捷) as Zhou Ming Huang 周明晃
  • Vanness Wu (cameo in ep 2 ) is one of the producers of this film
  • Synopsis:

    Based on the disaster that Typhoon Morakot brought to Taiwan in 2009, the story is of a girl who became an orphan overnight due to the flood and her struggle to start her life afresh after the disaster.

    Credit to dramawiki


    This Taiwan drama titled Year of the rain can be finished in a day. There’s only 6 episodes. The storyline is realistically enough. Since natural disasters always happened, and casualties is a norm. Those who remained, their psychological problem is a hurdle to overcome. Short and Simple drama. More for 15++ AND ABOVE in order to truly appreciate this show. Casts wise I find them refreshing, especially the leads.

    Similar genre drama: Beethoven Virus (korean)

    New drama recommendation

    Been recommending Korean dramas, so this time it’s Hong Kong drama. The Mysteries of Love an adaptation/remake of Japanese drama, Galileo. Don’t miss this out, if you like something like Science, Mystery, and Police series. Disclaimer: there’s a lot of Lips locking for Kenneth Ma in this show, since he played a playboy in this show. Bernice Liu Portion isn’t too much. Main focus I say is between Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam.

    For more information, look under pages>>>>

    Variety Shows

    After the hype of Cinderella Sister, the dramas I’ve been watching seemed to be on hold. Couldn’t find one that’s really impressive. Even Bad Guy or Bad Boy seemed a little lack in something. Perhaps the impression of IRIS is too impactful. To me Bad Guy is kind of like The Devil also known as The Lucifer. Thus, instead of recommending new dramas to watch. I switched to recommending variety shows instead for this week.

    1. Let’s Go Dream Team SEASON 2-3! Look at the artistes athletic side. Besides, you don’t really have to understand Korean to watch this. Minho from Shinee, Junho from 2PM. Your kpop artistes show you besides singing and dancing, they are equally capable in sports.

    2. One Million Star Legend! What’s so amazing is the contestants are past seasons participants. Except that they   are no champions(the first) of their own season. Hence, the second chance in life/second chance for them to pursue their dreams. Catch them in actions once again! Have they shown any improvements/difference? (from taiwan)

    24 Contestants names: (beside the name is the rank they got from participating in a particular season)
    Season1:許仁杰/Stanley Hsu(7) , 謝震廷/Kevin Hsieh(8) , 徐宛鈴(11) , 蔡政霖(13)

    Season2:葉瑋庭/Uni Yie(3) , 吳忠明/Quack Wu(4) , 魏如昀/Queen Wei(8) , 林道遠(12) , 戴安娜/Diana(20)

    Season3:簡鳳君/Sammi Jian(4) , 賴聖恩./Shane Lai(5)

    Season4:張心傑/Mark Chang(2) ,康禎庭/Connie Kan(4) , 吳勇濱/Ben Wu(10),  洪千涵(11)

    Season5:劉明湘/Rose Liu(2), 徐詠琳/Rachel Hsu(4) , 楊駿文/Ami Yang(6),  胡采書/Marsa Hu(10),  吳薇(12),  古孟杰(19)

        張 豪(17),吳心芸(21)

    Season6:閻奕格(not a contestant from season 6 but a challenger from season 6)

    The last contestant is from Season 6.


    Cinderella Sister ended! A Good Ending as opposed to other meleodrama. Strong portrayal of Sisterhood, and Family Bonds.

    EP 20 preview:

    Vietnam subbed has all episodes on youtube. English subbed as usual is slow and you either watch on mysoju.com or viikii.com(liscense thingy which I don’t like, and u need to download plug in). Watch chinese subbed in tudou.com(many sources to choose from). Bad Guy is the series I’m watching next and not the next KBS drama, Bakery King.

    couldn’t get enough?

    MVs of artistes, latest being Lee Ji Ah.

    In the above MV, it’s like Lee being back in her role in Beethoven Virus. But it’s like a sad song. If you couldn’t wait for Athena, at least the MV can provide a little comfort that she is still appearing on screen.

    2PM with Yoon Eun Hye:

    This MV’s plot I really like it. And for once, Eun Hye is taking on a baddie role.

    Park Shin Hye with DBSK Kim Jae Joong

    Similar to the above, just that Park is the victim instead.