2012 Drama Ratings


Ru Yi :  3/5. A tale of Oliver Twist kind of fate, but perhaps slightly better? With obstacles from the societal circumstances at the time/era and also a slice of vengeance. Towards the end the pace is quicken but a tad ridiculous especially the eye cornea transplant part. Shan’t dwell on the ethical issue, and it’s too dramatic towards the end. 

Hui Jia/Homecoming/1945 the other shore:3.8/5. I’m sure this is filmed some time back but had no idea why it took so long to broadcast. Sources said it might be shown this year, but again, no 100% guarantee.

Happiness of an Angel: upcoming. ?/5. China-Taiwan drama I think. Idol drama. Kept under observation first, as it might disappoint. LIKE SERIOUSLY? 2014 and it’s not out yet…

Xuanyuan Sword: ongoing. 2.5/5. Why did I watch this series? I have no idea, perhaps simply to kill time. Full of graphics, with somehow magic copied from various other movies/shows. Eye candies but really the plot is lacking. Can’t stand the acting of the lead guy, (not Hu-ge). 


On call 36 hours/ The hippocratic crush: 3.5/5. Very similar in genre to the S-drama, Rescue 995(look below), though the slight difference is this drama is about doctors while the S-drama is about paramedics. Of course based on my preference, if i were to choose between them, definitely go for this HK drama, since most HK drama are of quality, though they also had some pretty disappointing ones last year. It seemed to me the sibling rivalry turn better without much tension.

Can’t help it but find that HK drama standards are slipping…

Gloves come off: 3.75/5. Weird rating u might think. But yup this drama warrants this rating. First, ok u have the plot, the dark side of entertainment sports (thai boxing in this drama). Romance wise is still lukewarm only, not very very TOUCHING, but yet it does convey the sweet lovey dovey moments. Is it necessary to have people dying to hype up the climax of the story, I find it a bit redundant. 


A gentlemen’s Dignity. 3.5/5. Top rated movie stars, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul. What more can I ask?

So far (ep 1-4), I’ve find it amusing. A very light hearted drama, good for digestion/after meals. And this definitely appeals to working adults. Moral from drama: There’s always a little girl/boy in you.

Dr Jin/Timeslip Dr Jin: 3.75/5. Wonder how a 21st century doctor (neurosurgeon) fits into the past? An air of mystery with regards to the way he went back in time. The plot can makes you momentary forget how come he has what he needs(kinda like his working first aid kit), the coincidences that whatever he brought along is useful. Happy ending, no complaints.

Faith: 3.2/ 5. After Park Min Young Dr Jin time travel, now Lee Minho attempting at such series too. I’m impress with their performance in City Hunter, and really anticipating the friendly competition ahem, comparison between these 2 dramas.

Fashion King: DROPPED. ?/5. I’m mildly interested because there’s Yuri in it, and I would like to see how she act. But again, problem with idols is not all are fantastic. Plot is also important. Also, can Yoon Ah In continue to shine in this drama too, following the success of Sungkyunwan Scandal? On my observation list. The first few episodes didn’t really catch my eyes, but find that there’s more to offer from the drama. Hovering between whether to continue or not.

The storyline totally lost me, with too many betrayals, and indecisive moments among leads. STRIKE OFF!

Love Rain: 3/5. Anticipating it for 2 reasons. 1) the cast, 2) the scriptwriters. Now that it has just started, and so many criticisms in the net, with low viewership. But I must say it is still early to conclude. Yoona & Guen Suk portrayed the 1960s characters well, the shy and conservative society. BUt seriously, half the time i was questioning the dude, why don’t u mean what your heart wants to say? The momentum may be slow now, hopefully it will catch up when Yoona & GS portrays their present counterparts. 

Definitely did speed things up a bit, but i seriously cannot agree with the plot, maybe I like things straightforward and the romance here is entangled with family ties, creating a little complexity between Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, and supposed to be lovers (Son-Daughter) relationship. Love is a double-edged sword conveyed through this drama. Sticks to the classic plot of having protaganist falling sick/accident to test their relationship (C’mon! stop recycling this!) Episodes 15-16, i really sympathize JGS & Yoona, because almost majority of the scenes they are in depression, and have to hold the tears in their eyes, WATERY EYES, and drop tears when it ought to be dropped. Tough act.

OK, happy ending ONLY for Yoona & JGS. What about the rest?! You put in so much efforts crafting each character only to have them accompany the leads and then disposed them?! C’mon! definitely can do better than this. Yes, wasn’t totally amazing drama, but you can see the efforts. Though more efforts could have been showcased.

May Queen: 3.8/5

Fabulous job for the youngsters. As expected since they have quite distinguished track record of dramas before this. Km Yoon Jung wonderful acting skills is evident in her previous works (gumiho and The moon that embraces the Sun). Park Jin Bing I’ve seen him in Queen Seon Deok. Park Gun Tae left a deep impression in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. And I’m starting to take notice of the young actress who acts as Im Hwa in this drama. The stranded in sea scene of these kids are indeed tough, and I must admit they all displayed professionalism in the way they delivered their lines. Good Job kids! Wonder how the adults will carry the drama from these youngsters onwards.

Operation Proposal: 4/5. I’ve never watched the Japanese version but I must admit though I was confused a little initially by the plot, everything seems to fall in place as you continue on and stick to the drama. Hopefully the drama will become stickier as more episodes are up. Indeed, a happy ending. Of course it has to be since the protagonist went through miles!!! An underdog drama, but definitely worthwhile. The last episode was touching. A nice touch to complete the drama, even though both Park Eun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho kept giving me the teens in love feeling not adult love story. Probably because of their young faces, but whose to blame? They have pull off the plot decently enough.

Padam Padam: 3.5/5.Definitely for those craving for a little fantasy plus you wouldn’t want to think too much about it type of plot. A very straightforward drama that is complicated by the presence of an “angel”.

Queen In Hyun’s man: 3.5/5. Romance filled, as the title suggests.

To the beautiful you: 3/5. After seeing the Japan version and Taiwan version, I’m not sure whether I would like this version. The Japan Version is original, short and sweet. The taiwan version is funny and exaggerated. And if I were to watch it’s simply because of Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Minho. After watching, it’s like mediocre. Can do without if you watched the Japanese/Taiwanese version already.

The Moon that embraces the Sun: 4/5. Amazing. One of those dramas with the best transition from child actors to adult actors. Even the expressions and actions seemed to be transited over, especially Han Ga In when she’s trapped in an enclosed space vs that of Kim Yoon Jung, both as  Heo Yeon Woo / Wol(character in the drama). Of course the plot is smooth running. And as usual, like any k-drama where the child goes on to find out his/her true identity, what actions will he/she take? If you haven’t watched any of their previous work, I recommend Gumiho: Tales of a fox child(Kim Yoon Jung), and Bad Guy(Han Ga In). Of course who doesn’t know the guys? But for the sake of budding k-drama watchers, catch  Dream High series 1, (Kim So Hyun), and 49 days (Jung II Woo).

Well, u might want to catch Han Ga In in the running man episode 87, The moon that pierces the sun. Cheesy.

Rooftop Prince: 3.75/5. Wasn’t really planning to catch it but it is incredibly funny! In every episode, there’s something to laugh about. Out of the same time slot, this is my first choice as compared to Kings 2 hearts & the equator man. This is an underdog to me, love the plot. There’s the sinister part, yet the office politics is very simplified, rather than office politics should be apt to say family politics.

Slightly tilted to happy ending i guess. First, the mystery is solved, and the leads are back to their world. It takes me quite some time to register that the female lead is the same as Padam Padam female lead.

The Equator’s man: DROPPED. Climax, then Flashback and the story unfolds. Typical opening. So what leads to the climax is always viewer’s question and hook to keep the viewers attention.

Ok, I didn’t expect to drop this drama but can’t be helped. I guess it doesn’t stick to me enough. Though I know everyone’s taste differs, especially for those who likes business type of drama, with revengeful plot.

King 2 hearts:  3.5/5. Yes the cast can act, but there’s something more that the plot should be offering. The X-factor hasn’t appear yet. To me, this drama is like a cosine curve. the start was good, then drop slightly and now after the WOC competition, picks up a little, though I’m still pretty convince this is really a drama from dramaland, so don’t watch it too realistically. I can feel a bit of the climax catching up.

Happy ending for the leads again. Can’t expect a real plot. Fiction drama. It’s those kind you watch and tend to forget what is it, except for perhaps the uniform.


Rescue 995:  3/5. Some improvements in acting skills, though the plot may have to buck up still.

Unriddle 2: 4/5. Anticipating because of the success of the first series. OKay, so there’s not many cases but the hook is these cases are linked to each other. Love the twisted siblings case, around ep 14-17. So what’s going to be next? Is Xiao Man(by actress, Rui En) really havig a mental breakdown or feigning it? What’s the truth?

Ok, the ending makes me wanna ask for more. But the film budget seemed to reduce. The police station grandiose in season 1 seemed more of a let down in season 2. But surprising enough, I end up anticipating what Rebecca Lim has to show in her acting. Pretty much convinced by her portrayal of a psychotic psychologist. IF there is a season 3, better make sure there really is filming from the country(Korea).

Sometimes I wonder why Singapore drama seemed to be doing not as well and attractive as compared to counterparts. For one thing, the backdrop is very hastily set up, especially to viewers. One obvious scene is the hospital. The hospital has spotlight?! It has money to installed spotlight in the patients ward but not enough money to get a decent curtain( it was traditional metallic shades)?! As compared, Kdrama if the plot consist of for example Japan, they really go Japan to film, kind of like Hollywood film, which value adds the drama.

Poetic Justice: 3/5

I’m seriously gonna watched this since Rebecca Lim and Rui En are once again starring together.


Skip Beat! :2.5/5. I wouldn’t say it’s above average but at least I’m not too dreadful about it. Be warned that it is full of exaggerated acting scenes. Not a drama to be taken too seriously.

I still can’t help but to find Ivy Chen acting and voice so so so similar to Amber Kuo & Angela Zhang(ex-singer?I’m clueless what she is doing now). These 3 seemed so similar in style, and I think if a drama picks the 3 as sisters, they might pulled off pretty well. Super Juniors are like pretty boys here, EYE CANDY ONLY. Perhaps it has something to do with the dubbed version, so sometimes the expression and tone expressed kinda mismatch. Honestly, this drama makes me feel it doesn’t end properly, like there’s gonna be a part 2 to this series.

Cross-country collaboration dramas:

When love walked in: 3.5/5

I loved the cast. And if you compare with skip-beat, this drama’s plot is much better. Though Victoria and Kelvin Chen kiss scenes are like out of courtesy for viewers(kinda awkward, doesn’t look as though they are supposedly couples). The arrays of outfits the cast wore showed the sincerity into the details of this drama. SuperJunior-M, Zhoumi didn’t really catch my attention in superjunior but in this drama, he did.

Say that you love me: 3/5

Light-hearted, and I just cannot believe it’s actually trying to portray university campus love. More like high school love story to me-all those ridiculous, childish acts(eg. breaking the display artifact,catching frog). Genie acting is still limited, still very much cuteness than real acting. Personally I prefer her work in Rolling Love more than this. As for the other cast, pretty much idol series, idol style.

Half a fairy tale: 3.5/5

Applause for Janine Chang. Did a decent job in her two roles. No doubt I still prefer her acting in calm, cool headed character(like in black and white). She did a better job here in portraying a lively girl, TingYu, than in her previous drama Ring Ring Bell (which is a pity to both Peter Ho and Her in terms of the plot). Love the casts-all of them. Very good chemistry although Lee Joon Hyuk perhaps of language barrier seemed a bit expressionless(but who is to blame when his character is supposedly to be robotic, cool, and perhaps aloof). Episode 32 is really the heartbreaking episode. And the ending is just no conclusion as to who should be pair together, JingWei and Tingyu or Tingyu and YuFeng. It’s like going through miles and miles only to realize the pitstop is yet to be reached. Zhe Zi Xiao and Liu Mei Han are definitely on my radar list of actors who can act.



Dream High 2: I felt as though I’m watching High school musical with the endless/weird interruption of background music. The first series is definitely better.

Wild Romance: The plot is weak! Trying to go a little mysterious, a little fantasy, end up with it being neither here nor there. Even romance isn’t strongly emphasized at all. Even inclusion of snsd Jessica also doesn’t seemed to add anything to the drama. Skipped this if you want, and if you are a Sone fan, then watch the cuts in youtube rather than the whole drama. It’s kind of like a little imitation of Kim Tae Hee and the Japan counterpart collaboration drama, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi.