mid review of current dramas

by dramasians

Scarlet heart 2:  ending

1 more episode left but I doubt it would change my rating. Simply said, this drama just leeched the success of Scarlet heart 1. The story isn’t comparable to 1, which is no wonder since they aren’t written by the same person. I was hoping for more mysterious and detailed background of Lan Lan, but then it’s like what’s shown in the trailer (THAT’s ALL). Disappointing series, ad I pity the cast (like so many rainy shots, crying scene, but seriously aren’t necessary after all, they don’t even value add to the show much).


Perfect Couple: ending

Initially I thought it was funny, then, I find I slowly couldn’t tolerate the characters anymore. Typical plot that you can imagine what happened next without much difficulty, not much surprises. And the element of humour went missing as the story proceeds.


Only If I love you: Ongoing

The only reason I’m watching is Li Qin, because I’ve seen her previous work (personally I felt she chose quite good dramas to be on). So far, the idol element (fairytale like romance) is guaranteed. Ignoring this, I’m more interested in the background where the shots were made, the clothing the characters dressed , comes naturally and blend together. There isn’t one character that I particularly dislike yet, so seemed neutral to me. It everything goes well, this drama might even be better than the above 2.


Dr Stranger: Ongoing

LOVE IT. Even the blood looks real (which definitely chinese dramas ought to learn more from, all the computerised graphic effects and details). though some compared it to Kings2heart, but I definitely felt the storyline is better than Kings2heart.

Triangle: Ongoing

I’m totally lost in episode 1, not sure whether to continue watching. Might be in KIV list.