D.I.E Again


  • Roger Kwok -Yue Chi Long
  • Sonija Kwok -Ying Jing Jing
  • Derek Kok -Cheung Ching-Yee

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Action

Episodes: 25


Six months have passed since D.I.E. (Detective Investigation Extension) has dispersed. While Ying Jing Jing is on maternity leave, the other members: Yu Tze Long, Cheung Ching Yee, Tse Siu Feng, and Pang Mei Wan have returned to their original positions before D.I.E. was first established. Their supervisors soon find it hard to withstand the troubles that they create everyday. After embarassing the Chief Superintendent of Police, Lau Yut Ding, in an anti-vice operation, the higher officials decide exile them all back to the re-establish D.I.E.. This time, they are led by Yu Tze Long’s former supervisor, Law Yau Hung.

credit to mysoju.com


Season 2 of the series D.I.E. A well balanced Comedy and Mystery series. With the added bonus of how the addition of a baby has any link to this drama. Smooth sailing and exciting as the plot unfolds. Not too much to keep you addicted, as each case takes like a few episodes, then case closed. Afterwhich, a new case unfolds. It’s best that you know what happened in season 1 to have a better idea and appreciate this drama better.

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