Variety Shows

by dramasians

After the hype of Cinderella Sister, the dramas I’ve been watching seemed to be on hold. Couldn’t find one that’s really impressive. Even Bad Guy or Bad Boy seemed a little lack in something. Perhaps the impression of IRIS is too impactful. To me Bad Guy is kind of like The Devil also known as The Lucifer. Thus, instead of recommending new dramas to watch. I switched to recommending variety shows instead for this week.

  1. Let’s Go Dream Team SEASON 2-3! Look at the artistes athletic side. Besides, you don’t really have to understand Korean to watch this. Minho from Shinee, Junho from 2PM. Your kpop artistes show you besides singing and dancing, they are equally capable in sports.

2. One Million Star Legend! What’s so amazing is the contestants are past seasons participants. Except that they   are no champions(the first) of their own season. Hence, the second chance in life/second chance for them to pursue their dreams. Catch them in actions once again! Have they shown any improvements/difference? (from taiwan)

24 Contestants names: (beside the name is the rank they got from participating in a particular season)
Season1:許仁杰/Stanley Hsu(7) , 謝震廷/Kevin Hsieh(8) , 徐宛鈴(11) , 蔡政霖(13)

Season2:葉瑋庭/Uni Yie(3) , 吳忠明/Quack Wu(4) , 魏如昀/Queen Wei(8) , 林道遠(12) , 戴安娜/Diana(20)

Season3:簡鳳君/Sammi Jian(4) , 賴聖恩./Shane Lai(5)

Season4:張心傑/Mark Chang(2) ,康禎庭/Connie Kan(4) , 吳勇濱/Ben Wu(10),  洪千涵(11)

Season5:劉明湘/Rose Liu(2), 徐詠琳/Rachel Hsu(4) , 楊駿文/Ami Yang(6),  胡采書/Marsa Hu(10),  吳薇(12),  古孟杰(19)

    張 豪(17),吳心芸(21)

Season6:閻奕格(not a contestant from season 6 but a challenger from season 6)

The last contestant is from Season 6.