Yes Sir, No Sir


Episodes: 30


Comedy, Occupation, Modern, Romance, School


Happening in school environment, undercover cops, bowling instructor, teacher. So what will happen? A love triangle between Moses, Tavia, and Ron(very drama style, almost 99% dramas nowadays have complicated love relationships.) Linda character comes into play because undercover cops want to get info from her about her brother.


  • Moses Chan as Lo-Sir
  • Tavia Yeung as Ms Ho
  • Linda Chung as Ms Koo
  • Ron Ng as Cheng-Sir


 Ep2: The Physical  Education instructor, Tavia comes in. Reveals how Moses Chan role become an undercover. The deal is he must be successful as an undercover before he is qualified to be a cop. Instead of the usual cop first then undercover.

ep5: Transfer student with traid family background. Epic father though, very funny in his meet principal and teachers session. Ron Ng character enters at the end of this episode.

ep10-11: Ms Koo isn’t so cool after all. And more about gangs using students to drug traffick.

ep12: Lo Sir knows more about Ms Koo family background and her personality. Start of love triangle?

ep 16-17: Ms Koo & Lo Sir officially a pair, though Lo Sir & Cheng Sir both has a crush on Ms Ho. Ms Koo warmth up under the influence of Lo Sir and is forgiving to her sister in law (Charles). Will Lo Sir & Cheng Sir able to nail the crimes that Charles committed? It’s pretty lukewarm and a little draggy as the drama proceeds from ep 12 to this episode. Wanted the pace to pick up. MORE EXCITEMENT PLZ. zZZZ.

ep19-20: In fact, I thought this series might end at episode 20. 30 seemed to me is pretty long for a modern series. Normally TVB modern background series end at ep 20-25. So I am quite surprise there’s 30 episodes for this. As from previous episode, Lo Sir is envious of Cheng Sir and Miss Ho outing which he deems as dating. Funny when how the building is on fire and he advise patrons what to do, only to be outwitted by Cheng Sir. On the other hand, Miss Ho is not ready to accept Cheng Sir. Miss Koo and Lo Sir pairing I won’t see it as long lasting too, though Miss Koo personally told Miss Ho that she felt Cheng Sir doesn’t suit her(Miss Hp). Imagine what will happen if she realize Lo Sir has an ulterior motive for being her boyfriend. Looks like Charles is using the pretext of building a school to commit more crimes. Cheng Sir is so close to nabbing Charles (after one of Charles subordinate confess his doings to the police). A student with a problematic father will be the next case. And will Miss Ho discover Lo Sir undercover identity?

ep21: Sidetrack abit. The one acting as the student the moment this episode starts looks abit overage. Student’s dad treat Miss Ho and Lo Sir for a meal. After drinking too much beer, the dad claims that he can see Miss Ho and Lo Sir are interested in each other. Lo Sir document got stolen and the dad got it back. Lucky he didn’t read the content. Lo Sir headed back to search for the missing document, but the dad send it to school and pass it to Miss Ho. Miss Ho read the document, and was shocked at the content, I think she only read the part where Lo Sir wrote he likes Miss Ho. Miss Ho met up with Lo Sir. She confess to reading the document, while he told her he wants her to meet someone. Miss Ho guarantees she won’t reveal any secrets, and wants the police to continue their investigation. Lo Sir finally told Miss Ho that he loves her, and he asks, “Can you wait for me?” But she doesn’t give him any reply. OH NO! Miss Ho called her friend Judy, but it turns out that she still keep much from this friend. The police also got a recording of their conversation. Lo Sir display his quick wits when caught taking a photo. Seems like there’s really something suspicious ongoing. Is Miss Koo’s sister involved in her hubby’s illegal activities?

ep22: Miss Ho brother needs money for operation. And Lo Sir is desperate to help. Even wanted to resort to borrowing from Charles if his superior (police officer) won’t help him. Threatened to quit. Because of Lo Sir’s help, Miss Ho brother operation was successful. The 2 revealed their true feelings went on a date. Cheng Sir team trail Lo Sir. Discovered that Miss Ho and Lo Sir are togther dating! Lo Sir big trouble. Two timing. Tsk tsk. Cheng Sir & Lo Sir duel in a basketball match. Even the students can sense that something is amiss. A lunch date among 3, Lo Sir, Miss Ho and Miss Koo. Poor Miss Koo don’t even know what happened while both Lo Sir & Miss Ho are uneasy throughout. It’s indeed not  a wise decision to ignore principles and get the other party hurt in a love triangle.

ep23-24: Miss Koo not that dumb afterall. Found out Lo Sir & Miss Ho’s relationship. Charles help Lo Sir to get Miss Koo’s forgiveness(by beating Lo Sir up). Miss Koo forgives Lo Sir & Miss Ho. Everything back to normal. Lo Sir got caught for eavesdropping. He really not afraid to die man. But Charles isn’t afraid that Lo Sir will reveal his wrongdoings. One gang looks for Lo Sir and wanted him to harm Charles (thinking that both are in cahoot). But alas, Lo Sir knows nothing. Cheng Sir comes to his rescue and arrest him together with the ganagsters on the basis that he suspect all present are involved in drug trafficking. Lo Sir & Charles both have their thoughts. Love the last scene.

ep 26: A twist! That’s more like it. HK style. Ceci (Carmen/Miss Koo’s sister) is actually aware and helping Charles run his underground business! Therefore to ensure that Lo Sir won’t tell Carmen or any outsider about their crimes, Charles & Ceci decided to get Lo Sir to marry Carmen. Ceci is still suspicious of Lo Sir and sent private eye to tag him. Who will outwit the other? Can Lo Sir crack the case before his forced marriage?

ep27: The part where it got my heart pounding was the run to get the thumbdrive. Only then did Carmen realized something is amiss. Lo Sir better finish the mission. Don’t get killed. (which honestly I don’t think he’ll, but he did much as a unrecognized undercover cop Versus Cheng Sir). Then it turned funny when the students ended up tossing the thumbdrive around while gangsters tried to get a hand on it too. Ceci got handcuffed. Mission complete. Carmen gets hurt emotionally, Cheng Sir is hurt physically. So now everything is completed why is there a need for 3 more episodes when 1 more will do to wrap things up? The additional 2 episodes better value add to this drama.

ep 28-30: Charles getting revenge for his wife, Ceci by hiring a killer. Too bad Lo Sir managed to escape unscath and the killer is nabbed. Nobody gets a partner. NO love triangle, i mean square anymore. Carmen seemed to get along with her neighbour, Lo Sir and Miss Ho meet again in Vietnam (where Lo Sir teach). Seemed that Lo Sir finds being a cop unsuitable for him. Cheng Sir due to his hand injury is no longer those front line officer. Seen in a hospital scene where he played with Kids. Charles after he got beaten up by some low rank hooligans on the street, went mad. Consider a happy ending? not really if you want to see who they each ended up with. But it is a happy ending if you want to see the bad guy gets what he deserved. Justice prevails.